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Setting Appointments Up Selling Alarms Here’s My Opinion

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! It is your boy Paul freakin’ Shakuri and in this blog, we are going to take a look at two questions that came in my email inbox. So, my boy, Niko says, “Hello, I have read your blog and listened and watched your podcasts. And they are great, thank you very much! I have one problem. I have door to door and scheduled meetings with one company. Then I made the change in my career and started selling door to door. I don’t know if you are familiar with Verisure company. It is the biggest company in alarm sales in Finland and in Europe. I have been in this company one month now and I have gotten a few sales. We go door to door and schedule meetings, then we go to appointments and do a security check and offer our services. My calendar is always full of appointments but my problem is I don’t get enough sales. So my question is should I ask more about potential customers needs at the door before our meeting?

Great question! So Niko first of all if your doing home security, residential commercial security products, and services then you came to the right person! I have sold thousands upon thousands of accounts and have made millions of dollars in selling home security! Keep in the back of your mind the millions also come from coaching, training, and teaching. You are eventually going to want to grow into management to offer help to other people. You can get paid for the effort and energy you actually put in! You mentioned one problem, you schedule a meeting with your company. Now, scheduling meetings and going back to appointments, well, that shit is not me! I am not against it! It’s just not me! For me scheduling and making appointments just gives the potential customer more opportunity to shop around. So here is the thing, if you are still going to do that because you are a little more comfortable, well then guys and gals I am here to tell you that’s a weakness! I am going to downright hit you with it!.

Boom! It is a weakness! People need these appointments because they are scared, you are scared! You’re freakin’ shaking to knock on a cold call to a dang door. Guess what? You’re going to fall! I promise you! I get this asked all the time, “what do you think about getting these listing leads? That’s what’s working. That’s what’s working for average salespeople! Guess what?! Leads dry up and then you don’t know what the freak to do! Those leads aren’t as solid as turning somebody from knocking on their door and having potential customers go from not interested to listen to what you have to say, to then becoming interested! I am here to tell you that if they give you the leads go for it but remember to knock those other fifty doors which surround those leads! People that have pre-set appointments typically are not solid leads. If they are solid leads and your knocking on doors, then there’s no reason why you should not be closing deals! If you are not closing these deals, then you can learn how in my Masterd2d.com program! It teaches you how to close deals, do in-house presentations and more. By the end, you will be eliminating houses getting broken into because of your products and services in security systems.

Niko, they are not going to tell you their needs at the door, they are going to tell you their needs inside the house. The reason why is because once you’re inside the house they have a better understanding of how the security system works. Focusing on how you say it not what you say! “What is the most valuable need of security to protect your property? Example: would you be more concerned if someone broke into a particular area of the house?” Then go and show them the solution which is your product and service. Remind them that this product will transform their lives! It will protect their hard earned property and wealth!

Remember, as humans, what’s real to us by default is normally what has happened to us in the past. You see people cannot see past what has happened to them in the past, they cannot see the vision! The vision that you are going to be a closing machine. If you put that focus and energy in believing why him and not me? Then you will start to see a shift and change. The only thing that’s stopping you is that damn mind! It’s time to take action in your life and realize you are meant for so much more! As a baby, you grew up with confidence! Tackling each milestone of infancy and adolescence with great success! This is no different from growing and developing as a salesperson! You need that energy and excitement! You guys are dead! You have your head between your legs! “F” that thought or fear of what the other person on the other side of the door is going to think of you! Who gives a shit what people think! Really, who cares! You have to build that who cares mentality! Once you build that up, you will be knocking with confidence! If someone slams the door in your face, well, you simply laugh about it! Chuckle it off! I am here as your coach and I am here to help every one of you!

I want to help you built that courage but I need your commitment! You will become successful if you follow my teaching! WARNING! My Masterd2d.com program will be taken down soon! So if you have been contemplating in getting it then do so now! Until next time!

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  1. Thanks for your reply.

    Have to say, your teachings work! I have been doing this awhile now and I can say that I can do much greater results by going straight in than scheduling a meeting.

    My team leader has done this job 3 years now and his method is still scheduling a meeting, usually meetings go up to 3-5 days from now and over half cancels. He still says he cant close a deal if he goeas straight in and that is the reason he teaches what he teaches.

    But I’m lucky because I have learned what works and learned from the best. I took your masterd2d program and I can say to everyone out there that Pauls teachings work!
    Thank you Paul!

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