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Something Wrong with Door to Door Sales Pitch

What is going on door to door mastery fans?! This is your boy Paul Shakuri and we are going to unlock and uncover the reasons why you are getting rejected at the door! Also, listen up! We are going to uncover the reason why you think there is a problem with your pitch and how you should correct it! So let’s dive in!

Many times you get that feeling where you are not doing so well and have the urge to quit and you want to give up on that first hour! That first ten minutes! Or possibly you just don’t have the energy and drive to get out there and knock on a door to door basis! This is treacherous, horrendous, it is something that will paralyze you, it is something that eats into your life as a door knocker! Now, this is something that is common, it’s out there! The reality is, it happens to everybody! To the level of degree, what happens to each individual may vary. I want you to think about this and keep it on the back of your minds whenever you feel that urge to give up, to try and pass that moment and to get back out there. On that note, many people come to me and inquire about how to improve their pitch, how to improve what they say. What this tells me! What this screams out to me! Pay attention to what I am about to say, once you learn how to correct your pitch, you’re going to see an increase in the number of sales! Here is the naked reality! If you have been knocking for more then a month or even two months, when you went for let’s just say three months on, there are phases you have to go through and commit too before you start complaining about your pitch. Let me discuss a little bit about these phases.

Phase 1: New door knocker! Someone who has never done door knocking sales before! In this person’s mind, they may be nervous. They may come to the office thinking in mind that the job itself is going to be nerve-racking. They may begin to have doubts and think they might not be able to do this. Everyone is different! You may get that door knocker that has the mentality that somehow they will find a way to master door knocking. Those things will fall into play if they put the energy and time into it. I am here to tell you that all you need in your first phase; your first three months is to focus on the process of getting at the actual doors. You have to focus on how you can understand what is happening at these doors. You’re going to get frustrated that you may get a deal one day and the other you may not get a deal. The number of deals your going to get at the beginning is going to be determined by your work ethics. When you start, the more people you talk too, the outcome will most likely lead to a better chance of getting a deal. What is key and vital at the beginning is to learn how to knock, how to communicate, getting comfortable with the process, getting comfortable inside your mind of what it will be required of you to go out there consistently. The emotions you may feel are also a key and important!.

Some people stick to door to door sale because they have a purpose, they have a goal, they have something they are working towards. What is that for you? For example, luxury homes! There is something about luxury homes that I absolutely love! It gets me excited that when I look at these homes it turns me on! Now, I can live comfortably in a luxury home and pay a mortgage but I want to live in the home where it is mine and paid off! This is what excites and motivates me to wake up every day and go to work out there! To make shit happen! In your first three months, every single day, morning, nighttime, begin to surround yourself with what excites you! Luxury homes are what excites me! It used to be cars and to be honest, I don’t care about cars anymore as I used too. I wanted to be like Tony Robins! He is onstage speaking making multimillions of dollars. Doing what he absolutely loves and that’s how I am! He teaches, coaches, trains people to develop themselves. That is another thing that excites me! So when I go out there every single day, I am able to overcome the frustration that comes with the job!

Having in your mind that you are going to be the top sales guy is not enough! The reality is when you go out there you will be rejected! So don’t blame your manager! Let me put it this way, those who are not selling like to point fingers and put the blame on whomever and for whatever reason. For the most part, you are getting rejected because of the lack of skills. If you’re in phase one and a new salesperson you are going to have to talk to a ton of people to get rid of the flies in the coffin, the dirt, the dust in the coffin is what they say, you are going to have to overcome that. In my Masterd2d.com program, I go over the steps. If door knocking was so easy then why isn’t everybody doing it?! Not everybody can do it because they are not willing to learn the process. Being willing too, being excited too, be pushed by a greater cause to learn the process. I showed up to my work for a purpose! For 12 years I did door knocking for a purpose!

You can get better at door to door sales and your pitch is not the reason why you are not making these sales! 90% percent of the time your sales are not going to be achieved on what you say but instead, on how you feel and how you present yourself! Are you going to quit and just become another statistic? Can you do door knocking? Well, you can if you are willing too! If you are willing too you better believe all of those emotions! Learn how to control those emotions! Don’t focus too much on what your saying, focus on the process. I am here to help you as your mentor, your coach! At the end of the day, you have to invest in yourself!
Thanks, everyone! Until next time knock with passion!

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