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Get More Sales Cold Calling With What You Can Control Throughout Your Day

What’s shaking everyone!? Paul Shakuri here with a motivational article about your day, how to get excited! What are some of the things that we can control and can’t control? To deliver and drive us to that next level. The inside drive that gives you the mentality that you will get that deal. What are some of the things you can control on a day to day basis? The first thing you can control during the day is;

1. What time you wake up. That’s right! The time you wake up! If you wake up earlier and get more hours of sleep the night before you will have greater success in sales. There’s only so much time in a day so use it wisely! Are you consistent with the time you wake up! Do you have that drive? You have to put this on your radar of things to do starting tomorrow morning! Get your ass out of bed early in the morning! Control this part of your life so it can convert into more sales which will result in more money. Make that commitment to wake up, take care of your body, exercise and make those sales!

2. Have you been “hated” on! They say, “you know you’ve made it when you have haters.” I’ve been rejected so many times that I can handle the people that give back negativity. Controlling who you allow into your space is another key to success. I only accept positive people in my circle. I do not let people who have a hating mentality or negativity towards me or others in my circle.

3. Your food choices, eating healthy is essential to success. You need something healthy to fuel your body. True professional sales athlete fuels their body every single day. This is something I’ve been good at up to this point but I haven’t been able to hit the gym often enough to keep up with the physical fitness aspect of it. I’ve been so busy and I take full ownership of that. I have been starting to change that around and feeling great. Doing an exercise routine in the morning is essential to get that heart rate up to become physically stronger and stronger. The mindset of knowing that you’re not going to get yourself into tip-top shape overnight but over a specific period of time.

4. One major thing you can control of door knocking is how many doors you knock on and how many people you talk too, also, who you talk too. If you knock on a door and the person is rude to you, you have the ability to discontinue the conversation, but I’m not suggesting this action. I actually suggest you work the customer, don’t give up, suck it up and work your way back into getting that end goal of what you want to accomplish. With retail you are waiting for people to come to your side of space you are limited to the number of people that walk in. You are not in control.

5. Cold calling is an important skill set to learn. Once you learn this you become smarter and stronger in sales. Develop that marketing material at the door and start building your actual pipeline for your marketing material. You can hire someone to help you make your marketing material.

6. Where are you at when it comes to your mood? Do you make up excuses!My wife this! My life is like this!” What do you have to do personally to put yourself in a better mood? What can you do? Every day you wake up you have the responsibility to decide what people you allow into your lives and what factors affect your daily life. Being able to move forward and accomplishing your goals in life. Not forgetting those around you but not letting them stop you from completing your goals.

You have control of absorbing negativity, releasing it and moving forward. A lot of salespeople carry their baggage and bring it to the doors or to the phones. Do the people around you, for example, your spouse support what you do? If they are not aligned with your goal, then it’s not going to work out to have those people around. Finally, remember that the most important one is how many people you talk to. There are so many things you can do today that are outside the norm. I’m not suggesting to telemarket but make sure your doing things right so that you love what you’re doing. Having the proper permits, being in compliance with what it is your selling and marketing. You have the ability to control who you sell with. All of these are found in my master d2d.com program which is for you! There’s tons of content, from beginner to rejections up to opener pitch and cold calling. This program is designed to expedite your sales techniques from zero to becoming a sales closing machine.

I want to thank you for reading and following my blog. I love you all with passion! Live with excitement and passion and wake up every day being in control of what you can control. Take care and have a wonderful day.

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