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What’s Going On in Your Opener Pitch Selling Door to Door

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! It is your boy Paul Shakuri and today we are going to unlock, uncover, that damn opener pitch that keeps paralyzing the beep out of you! Your opener pitch is extremely important and detrimental to your success in door knocking! Have you ever heard of the saying “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” What’s more important in door to door sales? Your close or your opener? I want to help you figure out what it is that’s holding you back in your opener pitch! How to get people to hear what services and products you have to offer!

First off, to understand how to master your opener pitch, you have to understand what is actually going on behind the potential customer’s door before you knock on it and so much more! This is all taught in my Masterd2d.com program. Now, I can give you some tidbits to help you get to that first step but if you want the full set of resources then invest in my Masterd2d.com program. Stop being so cheap! This program will help you close more deals at the door! Switch your mindset to a business investment mindset. I want to sell that damn thing, that’s absolutely it but I can’t sell it if I don’t give you enough information. I have to give you enough information to entice you to say “hey, Paul Shakuri knows a lot about making and closing deals at those doors.” Now it’s time to get into detail and discuss! Why is it important when you knock on a door to get people excited to hear more? Folks, this is what is going on! When you are knocking on a door your most likely going to use an iPad as that has become the trend nowadays. We will begin by understanding what is going on in the initial stage of door knocking. Right away when you knock on the door, you have some disadvantages.

1. The potential customer doesn’t know you are coming! This is known as a cold call. In the potential customer’s mindset lays the question of, who the heck is this person?

2. Lack of confidence! Oh, shit mentality of how others or that customer might look or think of you. Be honest with yourself! Almost 99.9 % of people at a certain level think and have this mindset! This is a common and major problem that you are going to have to overcome and accept and you can overcome it by working at it! In turn, you will earn more money because you have mastered sales and your opener pitch. This “oh shit” feeling where you feel awkward, uncomfortable, you don’t know if the person is going to yell at you or scream at you feeling! This is known as fear! It all comes down to fear! The fear of the unknown! I am going to let you in on a secret! That fear goes away for 100% of the people! First, you have to commit yourself to get better at each door you knock on! Make that promise to me! Make that promise to yourself to strive for excellence and to get over the fear for every door you knock on!

Once you have built that committed mindset you will be able to knock standing tall and confident. Think about it! Are you doing anything wrong? Make sure you have your permits when knocking on the current city that you’re knocking in so you are legally allowed to be there. All you have to worry about is overcoming that fear. Now, if you are at a fear of six or seven plus, you are not going to get deals at those doors! It will be one in maybe a hundred, two hundred doors you knock on! The reason why is because you knock on the door nervous, hands are clammy, you are all apologetic and your words are not coming out as if you know what your product is all about! People see and sense the fear!

The reality is you have to understand the mindset of what it takes! How you present yourself not what you say! For example, if you are doing solar maybe the first thing is to go inside and find out about there bills. See if the person wants green energy or is accepting of the fact that they are going to save fifty bucks a month. “Now, saving fifty bucks a month doesn’t excite me! I want to be able to save my full amount! How do I do that? You buy your solar panels! How much will that cost? Let me step into your home and actually show you!” Everyone is different! It is not what you say! Fear goes away once you gain confidence and realize you have learned how to knock on doors. You have increased in sales and have seen the improvement.

Going from one to 3 and one to five, calculate the percentage increase! You have to think in terms of what exactly is your percentage increase in the number of doors your closing! I want you to knock three to four months straight! Currently, it is summer time and there is no reason why you are not out there eight hours a day! By implementing these strategies, it will eventually lead to five plus accounts! In your opener pitch doesn’t sound way too nice, way too excited because that screams sales person! Build that like and trust factor so they will want to hear more of what it is you have to offer! Thank you so much for following my blog! Until next time!

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