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Here Is What Happened to Me Over Twelve Weeks Ago

Hello, Paul Shakuri here with a personal update as well as updates on the programs and applications that I have created and offered to all of you who follow me and are in the field of door to door sales. To begin, I want to share with you how events in your life can alter your physical state at any given time.

This is what happened to me. I was in a cast for twelve weeks. What happened was I was on the ice and I had just joined a brand-new hockey league. I was extremely excited and pumped about the team as it was one of the more challenging leagues out there. It was the second period and I had just gotten on the ice when a guy shoots the puck, wraps around the ice and I outskate the guy to get to the puck, by the way, my kids and my wife were watching on the bench. All of a sudden, BOOM! A guy skates from the side who just got off the bench and hits me right from the side. My right ankle busted from both sides and I was rushed to emergency. At that time, the doctor told me I would need surgery because my left side of my leg was broken.

Now, of course, I personally wanted to get as many opinions as possible before going under the knife. I began researching and corresponding with many different doctors who viewed my x-rays and gave various diagnosis where I needed surgery and where some said that I had a solid chance of healing without surgery. I went to a local doctor for other complications and I am going to write content in the future of all of the issues that arose since the incident because I know there are people out there now who are probably experiencing the same thing I had experienced and am continuously experiencing right now.

I am presently out of crutches and out of a cast and am back in action! I am not fully able to use my foot as I did previously but it is still in the healing phase. I want to engage more with you all on a personal level. I want to thank all of the door to door mastery fans who corresponded with me via email during that time to send support and encouragement.! I want to also thank those of you who are customers at FillQuick.com, thank you so much for allowing me to be on my laptop to show you the software and to still build the trust with my team even though at the beginning I was not able to be part of the action.
You still put your trust in us and from my team to yours thank you so much. I am ever so grateful to how you acted and reacted over the twelve weeks that I was injured. 2019 is going to be incredible!

Now, I want to discuss my last email blast. For those who are subscribed to my free video series and for those of you who are not I want to make you aware that my Masterd2d.com program may be locked at some points. Reason being is because many who have purchased the program would like support and want to reach out to me. When we are having hundreds of people buying the program and reaching out to us, we have longer wait times reaching out to you and answering your questions. So, we decided to close it in blocks so that way we can reach out to you in a day. This means the program will be open at a set amount of time. So, I urge you to sign up for the program as soon as the opportunity arises.

I want to address the question about Black Friday discounts! I do not personally believe that a discount is needed for someone to make the decision to purchase my products and services at these current prices. We are planning to make the products a subscription so it could be more feasible than paying a full lump sum upfront. This is in the process and I know you need the information that is offered in our programs and I really want to help you out! I didn’t give a discount on the Masterd2d.com program on Black Friday because the program is going to make you money and the cost of it is actually a joke because the amount of money you will make will allow you to pay it off in a short amount of time.

Remember, you have to implement the strategies and ideas. Many people who have purchased the product have vouched over how beneficial it was and some have even written the program off as a business write off.

The support from when you purchase the product to the end is there and that is why we are making the changes we are making. I am debt free and the money I am making is to expand and provide you all with the resources you need to succeed. So, from the bottom of my teams’ heart to yours, thank you so much for the support! I am back in action and am headed to the gym! God bless you all and remember. I am going to help guide you on how to sell ethically and mentor you so that you can achieve the highest level of success! Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon! Peace!

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