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Overthinking the Process of Selling Door to Door Plus Recruiting People

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here! Today, I’m going to uncover something that’s been eating me alive, that’s super important! We are going to discuss and uncover fears! What goes on through peoples minds as door knockers! Perhaps your new to the scene or just came back and have to get back into the groove of things! The problem!!! Too much is going on in your mind that it begins to slow you down. What does all this mean in general? Well, it all reverts back to the notion of fears! But,
I need you to listen! I need your undivided attention! I am not going to be talking about fears in the usual term or definition. Instead, I am going to be talking in terms of door knocking! So are YOU ready to hear me out?!

1. Recruiting is Not, Not, Not, something you should do if you’re not experienced enough! If you do not have the experience or ability to go out there and train others to sell what you need them to sell, then do not recruit! People always ask how do I get people to work for me, to make more money, to sell more at doors? If you’re not able to do it or not able to have somebody get out there and knock on doors with the employees not for them, then, do not do it. There’s a big difference when you knock on doors with your employees and instead of knocking for them! I am a very successful manager because when I am out in the field I will actually physically push my reps to knock on that door and if they fall on the ground I will pick them up. There is a difference if I knock on the door instead of my employee. They can observe but they will not get the same results because I am me and have my own unique way of doing it. People always ask, well what is your way of doing it? Well, its me being me! How can you get people to work for and with you?! Well, if you don’t have the experience to go out there and become faced with the objections, rejections, to overcome them and handle them, how will you be able to teach somebody else? Here’s my assignment to you, set a number! Be it in alarm sale, or whatever your selling, and set yourself up to not recruit unless you achieve that number. Why use this approach?! You need a process; you need to have something in place where you learn the process so that once you get the sale you will learn how to install, how to schedule and so on. Most importantly, you need to learn that process and be comfortable with it! Don’t waste time or money! Getting people in the doors and getting them to work outside is not the most difficult task if you are committed to learning the process prior to recruiting!

Those who have experience, those who have gotten to that set number and want to move up, want to grow a team, well you need commitment! To start, in your mind you have to build a team of 25 people. This could take 1 to 2 years, but by then you should have a solid crew of people. How do you do this?! Well, it can be done in multiple ways! What I like seeing is 5 managers out there and under each of them, they mentor five people. If you use this concept of management, the reps have a future to move up to a higher position. I did exactly that, I was a rep and then moved up to management and now I am a business owner. With all my experience I am able to connect with others, there struggles and provide resourceful information to help guide and inform people in their current roles and professions. I am a realist and I talk about the hustle and I share my experience. It’s not about scripted "a, b, c" crap that you have seen or heard from somewhere on u tube or seen in another video. For me it’s getting out on the doors and uncovering, understanding why you are getting rejected. Many people want to immediately jump up to being a business owner. There’s nothing wrong with working with an established company and still have your own business on the side where you have others work underneath you.

2. Overthinking can kill you and affect your sales for the longest period of time. We have our Active Knockers and FillQuick programs which I am proud to say provides quality software information for you all. Masterd2d.com is another program offered that filters out a load of information on door knocking and owning your own business. It talks about how to close deals, how to overcome rejection, how to recruit and build teams for doing door to door sales. When people begin to overthink, they think how late should I be knocking, how many doors should I knock on, what if this happens or that happens to the point where you paralyze yourself. When this happens you cripple your mental mindset. You begin to feel drained and you do not go out there. Excuses begin to arise! I have seen it with sales reps and even managers. Business owners will even stop going back into their businesses because they make these excuses.

From what I have seen the majority of you have what it takes if you are willing to learn. Check in often to the three resources I mentioned earlier (Active Knockers, FillQuick and Masterd2d.com). Your researching, knocking on doors and doing what it takes legally to achieve success no matter how hard you fall and you having the mentality to overcome this challenge, then you will be successful at this. You will be successful at closing deals and building an office. You have to get those goals set! You have to get more sales! The more people you talk too, the better you are going to get! As a result, the higher the closing ratio will be! Start closing more sales by taking control of your mindset! Your mindset is everything! I am telling you from experience and from training over ten thousand people on a day to day basis that this content of information works! Hope you become a closing all-star! Get those deals and close more sales! Boom!


  1. Michael Tietmeyer

    Great blog Paul!

    • Thank you very much for that comment, happy your loving the content. I create the general content but my amazing content writer Val is the one who takes my terrible grammar and converts it into real English lol … Thanks again you just made both her day and mine.

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