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Motivation for Door Knockers Selling D2D

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here with another informative, yet down to earth blog for you guys and gals! Now, this is very important! It has probably crossed your mind as it has crossed mine in the past. That is, do you have the proper education to pursue a career in selling door to door? If you do have the education, are you using what you have learned and implemented the strategies and techniques while knocking at those doors? Many of you of which I have had the opportunity to converse with do not have the education! Far worse than that, those who do not have the education are not taking the initiative to study the material necessary to master and excel in door knocking.

1. Education: What is it? Do you have the education planted inside your mind? Now, as I list the education criteria, I want you to notice and keep in mind how it’s not in correlation to the same education society is accustomed to defining! Keep in mind that the list is geared for educating door knockers!

Waking up in the morning and preparing yourself physically and mentally for work! Do not be deceived! This is quite a challenge and it includes many aspects of daily routine, mental preparation and so forth. Much more of the content of how to wake up can be found in my other material that I have posted or am going to post in the future. I have not outlined it here simply because it would be a large amount of content just for this one particular task. In saying that, once you master waking up, you move to the next process!

The next step is to show up! Getting yourself to the office or meeting up with your personal buddy (co-worker) of yours! Now the different strategies you do at this stage to close those deals will definitely have an impact on how many of the deals you can close successful over the course of the day.

How do you handle the rejections at the door? What do you do at the doors when attempting to close a deal? All of this fun jazz comes into place after you show up and begin work. Now in this particular area, there is a process to follow. There is a particular process to follow on how to handle rejections, how to approach a deal, how many doors to knock on within a given week and time. My Masterd2d.com program outlines all of these processes for you! Now listen up! My program is versatile! So it is designed for all types of services and products! You could be selling solar for example and the program will help you close those dang deals! The problem is you are all too lazy! That’s right I said it! I hear excuses after excuses from individuals who don’t close deals but do not put the effort into getting the education! Instead of studying the process, they are going out and having fun!

The entire point I am trying to make is that you need to give and take time out of your day to do what matters if you want to succeed. Some days you will be so engaged and into work that you will not even have time for your family, but realize that in the long run, you will spend more time with your family because you will be financially stable! That is my dream, to be wealthy and to spend a vast amount of time with my family! What are your goals? What aspirations do you have? Now I may be coming off aggressive but I don’t care because I believe you can get to greater levels of success in all aspects of your life. In my blogs, I share techniques in financing and outline tips on how to succeed and close those deals! But it is up to you if you want to stick around, make positive changes and actually take in the advice and education I am providing for you!

I am a realist! I understand fully that it takes a beast to go out there and knock on doors! I understand that fully! There’s a lot to know on how to close deals and I am going to give you all of the teachings and techniques on how to close deals and become like a boss! We talked about it briefly! What you do in the morning! How much education you put in! What you say at the doors! How you say it! A small percentage is focused on what you say, while a large percentage is focused on how you say it!

If you’re not educating yourself and your battling with those negative thoughts, then it is not going to happen for you folks! I did a coaching call today and someone wants to do three more sessions to gather and collect all the information he needs to continue progressing in door knocking. This person is committed! He has an all in mentality! As long as he commits that he is going to master what he sells then he will eventually learn it and be successful at closing those deals! You will make it if you make the commitment to make it! Start waking up on time and with passion! Success doesn’t coincide with tardiness! Start envisioning in your mind what you have and what you want, then start taking the steps on how to get there! Get those deals closed! Thanks, everyone for following my blog! Until next time!

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