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MLS Listings Knocking Door to Door with Leads

What’s up everybody?! Paul Shakuri is here again, with a truckload of content on door to door sales! The question is simple; do you want to become a top-notch salesperson? Well, why would you even want to? I will uncover all of this with answering some questions that were submitted in, as well, as providing my knowledge on door to door sales.

The first question comes from Hosay Rivera. He says “…I have been so comfortable doing MLS for so many years that I need to step out of the box and I don’t have a clue how to! Anything you can help me and my guys will definitely be of help!” First off, if you are doing MLS listings, for those of you do not know what they are, it basically is when homes are sold, you can get the actual lead that this house got sold so you can go and sell them services. Now, why do people like MSL listings? Simply, it is because when people move in, it’s known they like to buy because it’s a new home, a new property. Here are the pros and cons of MLS for people who are
actually thinking of doing this!

1. You have the opportunity to get a buyer!
1. You are limited to how many leads! It’s all questionable! Is it a lead to you knowing they just
moved in? You are limited to the number of people you can talk too! How many of your
competitors are getting your leads? You are battling in competition because you’re not the only
ones jumping on the opportunity to make a deal!
2. People tend to bargain with you! They know you are a hot commodity, so customers tend to
bargain with you! The big picture! You make less value on your sales!
3. It’s so spread-out!

I don’t know about you, but when I first started, I wanted to make a six-figure income. How do you plan to make a 100000 dollars a year if you are so limited? I personally noticed MLS have high competition. Now, is this a terrible thing? No! But, is it the best thing? No! Take into account all of the cons just to get a buyer. On top of that, you are limited! I do not like being limited to the number of people I talk too. The fact that the buyers are spread-out all over the place displaces with your methods and mindset. Simply, it “messes” with you! If you decide to go with MLS, set up your appointments so you’re knocking for two hours around each lead. For example; you are going to knock on a home, a “lead,” once you are done knocking on that lead spend two hours knocking in that neighborhood. Then you can move to your next “lead” and knock for two more hours after that. A total of six hours of
knocking and that’s nothing if you want to be a bad ass and close ten deals a day. You have to knock on those doors to acquire the skills to make that six figure a year! You can then invest! Stop trying to find an easy way to get a buyer! I will tell you the easiest way is to turn a person into a buyer! You brew them into a buyer! Do you want to make the big bucks? Most people fail because they try and take the shortcut. I am passionate about this because I want to help those who want to help themselves get there. Implementing the information I am giving you, listening and making it count. Trusting me, your mentor! Then applying the teachings on a day to day basis!

The next question is from Brenda and she says “…I am with cable and internet sales company sales are lucrative as technology and competition advance and increases. I have had mediocre sales the last several months. Winter in Ohio was a little difficult too. Our product has higher value content but added if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Even with all the added perks including a 30-day money back
guarantee granted I have only been in sales for just under a year or so and I know I am still learning and growing.”

First of all, I knocked in minus 50 and 60 wind-chill I loved the winter knocking in comparison to knocking a 100 to a 110 in Arizona! Even though both can be awesome I love the winter because in Arizona I did not have a bodysuit that can actually keep me cool. Whereas, in the winter when it is minus 60 I can actually put on a warm jacket. Guess what in the winter time most people tend to invite you in because they don’t want to leave the door opened or step out into the cold. In my Masterd2d.com program I go over different approaches to how to get invited in as a door knocker, so make sure you get that program! The outcome of the program will have you saying “Holy crap I invested in this program and I am getting much success.This program will change your door knocking career! How do you get reframed after a 100 doors of zero sales and 2 cancellations? You first have to understand why you’re getting this! Again, my Masterd2d.com program addresses this! So Brenda get the program, you can even put it on a master card! I go into it in the program, it’s the reassurance phase. Basically, you are not reassuring the customer they made the right decision! If you’re not selling a high-end ticket item, then you haven’t acquired the personal skills to be able to build that relationship. You need that personal engagement!

I don’t believe it doesn’t work for everybody! You have to see what works for you! Finding your style and your way of communicating with the customer. Once you figure those things out then that’s when things start to change! When you’re out there and you’re not so confident and your belief is low, you begin to doubt yourself and then that’s how you lose the sale! Subconsciously your brain thinks that you’re not going to get this deal because you haven’t gotten the last few deals, so you do not use your full potential at every door! If you implement and listen to everything I am telling you, then it will be a no-brainer to buy my Master d2d.com program!

The longer you wait to act; the higher chance you will miss out on the golden opportunity! The cost increases! Time is wasted! You’re not just knocking on doors for the money! Your knocking for more than that! What you learn and how it molds you as an individual is a part of that! I love you all! Peace out!

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