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MLS Listings Knocking Door to Door with Leads

What’s up everybody?! Paul Shakuri is here again, with a truckload of content on door to door sales! The question is simple; do you want to become a top-notch salesperson? Well, why would you even want to? I will uncover all of this with answering some questions that were submitted in, as well, as providing my knowledge on door to door sales. The first question comes from Hosay Rivera. He says “…I have been so comfortable doing MLS for so many years that I need to step out of the box and I don’t have a clue how to! Anything you can help me and my guys will definitely be of help!” First off, if you are doing MLS listings, for those of you do not know what they are, it basically is when homes are sold, you can get the actual lead that this house got sold so you can go and …

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Retail Sales Vs Door To Door Sales

My background as a kid was retail sales. I worked at Canada’s largest sporting goods store on 7% commission for 3 years. For my Canadian readers its SportCheck in West Edmonton Mall. This retail store had high volume in the summer time being that the mall is one of the largest in the world. After that i then went on to working at a Large electronics store called Visions Electronics. At visions i sold car audio, cell phones, home audio. You name it i sold it, now was i good at it ? yes ! sales was always my thing because the one thing that attracted customers to buy from me was my charismatic personality. I never push people to buy, instead give and show them all the reasons why they should buy. With retail sales, you are relying on the companies brand to hopefully align with customers choice to …

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