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Retail Sales Vs Door To Door Sales

My background as a kid was retail sales. I worked at Canada’s largest sporting goods store on 7% commission for 3 years. For my Canadian readers its SportCheck in West Edmonton Mall. This retail store had high volume in the summer time being that the mall is one of the largest in the world. After that i then went on to working at a Large electronics store called Visions Electronics. At visions i sold car audio, cell phones, home audio. You name it i sold it, now was i good at it ? yes ! sales was always my thing because the one thing that attracted customers to buy from me was my charismatic personality. I never push people to buy, instead give and show them all the reasons why they should buy.

With retail sales, you are relying on the companies brand to hopefully align with customers choice to get up out of there bed and decide to come to see you. In other words, you don’t have a say on how many customers you get to talk to in any given day. If 1000 people walk in that door that day, thats 1000 possible customers you can sell. However there are many sales people on the floor meaning these 1000 people are divided by the sales people on the floor. Lets not forget when you are with a customer, you cant just leave this customer and go grab another one just so easily.

The pros about retail sales is that you don’t have to deal so much with people who really weren’t looking for what you have to offer. Each person is more targeted in a specific way. Think about it, why did you go to best buy the last time ? you went because you love electronics or you needed something to deal with electronics. Most retail sales companies give you a base plus commission or a tier grade system as to where if your commissions exceed your base, you only get the commissions and not the base.

Retail sales has a ton of overhead costs attached to doing business. Think about it, you need to purchase all your inventory have it on hand, always be re ordering, then you have the rental cost of the building, utilities, and major costs of all the sales reps base salaries that aren’t hitting there commissions, not to say all the other employee costs. This overhead costs to the company makes it hard to overpay sales people on the floor. Overall experienced door knockers make way more than experienced retail sales people, and here is why !

With door to door sales the company can eliminate all the overhead of an actual office if they so choose. Door to door sales companies normally have an office mainly for recruiting purposes for sales reps. Another reason they may have there office is for the secretaries that process all the contracts and answer the phones for customers that call in.

When selling door to door there really is no overhead the company needs to pay on the sales representative. If you are not getting a base salary and are on 100% commission then instead of the company paying the money on advertising in the newspapers and online, you typically get a huge chunk of that overhead expense because in reality you are the walking flyer or ad. Some companies that offer a base commission tend to offer way less earnings potential for experienced sales reps because the monies that are paid to the people who are not hitting there commissions are paid out from the sales generated by others. I hate this model. While others like a base salary because they feel more comfortable, im a believer in maximize my earnings potential because i know what i can control is my work ethic. Keep in mind everyone is in a different situation in their life.

With door to door sales you are in control of how many people you talk to. this was huge for me coming from retail. I remember days where im sitting waiting for people to come into the store, only for me to not be waiting by the door and someone else takes the customer. They called it the “Shark Tank” it really was like that. The environment was that of competition not fun and working together. Competition is awesome but when there is an unlimited potential to talk to as many customers as you like. Retail really felt like i wasn’t as ini control as my earnings as i was with door to door.

Door to door sales is definitely more of a mental mindset job. You need to be prepared and ready to go out and knock on those doors. If your not pumped to go out and talk to as many people as you can to close your first sale of the day, you not going to last long knocking on doors. The good news is, when you learn to master selling door to door, not only does it make you a stronger business person, in my opinion you always will be able to feed your family because now if you ever needed to make money you can find a company that pays 100% commissions go out sell it and bring a solid income regardless of the market conditions.

Did you know in the bad times america was faced with in this recent recession i actually made the most i ever made in my life ! how was that so ? well i sold the right product to the right people and had the right attitude.

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  1. With door to door sales you can control your numbers therefore in a sense control your income. Just like you said, in a store you can’t force people to walk in the door but you sure can decide to go and knock 50 doors today. Then after gathering a good sample set of data you will know how many people you should talk to out of that 50, how many leads you should get out of those you talk to and then how many of those leads turn into sales.

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