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Door To Door Sales Vs Retail Sales Pros and Cons

What’s shaken door to door mastery fans!? Welcome to another informative blog post! Today we are going to tackle retail versus door to door sales. Now, if you are reading this, I am pretty sure you want to enter into the door to door sales profession to make money and to also make it a win, win situation by helping customers get the product they need, helping the company and by helping other door to door sales representatives achieve their goals in sales. When you realize that this is the true meaning of door to door sales then you are going to search for the right people to talk too.

Rewinding back to when I was 16 to 17 years of age, I was working in one of the largest retail sports stores in West Edmonton Mall. This mall and still one of the largest malls in the world and it is a high-volume retail store. I used to sell clothing and shoes. I was best at selling shoes and how they paid was by a base salary and commission. If you did not hit your commission then you would get your base salary. So, this meant that no matter what I still received a base salary for showing up to work even if I didn’t sell anything. However, I received a 7% commission on whatever I sold. So, if I made commissions and made over my base salary, I would get my commission instead of my base salary. Either way, I would have gotten paid. The pros to this are no matter what, you are getting an actual paycheck and this benefits this who need stability. If you are not confident enough in your sales pitch and in what you are doing in whatever type of sales job you are in, then it is good to rely on that system. However, if you excel and can make the most of the commission sales job then that is the better option.

I want you to think something. If you are in the retail industry and the company has the rent, the employee’s base salary and so many other overheads that the company has to pay out, well, where do they make their money? What do they need to do? When they put so much money and then it eats into the actual pay out and hire on commission. When you don’t have these overheads then you can be in a 100% base commission. The company needs to factor in who is hitting those commissions and who is not.

Another part of retail that is a pro that you need to factor in, is that people come to you. Customers come to you and they might not buy the product instantly but they are interested in a product, that is why they walked into your store. It is important to remember that you are not in control of how many people you can talk to in a given day. I mean there are days where there are 18 people on the floor bloodthirsty for who’s going to take that next customer and there is not a customer insight. I hated that retail environment! In the retail environment when you are on commissions, similar to car sales, it is a shark tank. You play that you like the other person to the right and left of you but it’s not like a family. In door to door sales, you do not have that issue. You are in control of how many people you talk to. I can guarantee you, you can talk to a number of people a day where you just couldn’t handle enough. There are millions of doors out there and that’s one of the major pros.

Let’s focus more intently on door to door sales. When you are knocking on doors, you have to earn your customers trust and likability. You have to prove the products is beneficial, that you and your company are trustworthy. You can talk to as many people as you would like. If you are doing home security, solar, something that deals with the customer’s home or place of residence, pest control is another example, well these are the products and services that I recommend. There are more qualified people that you can talk to that will be interested in what you have to offer. Door to door sales is all about understanding what your customer is thinking at that given moment. Being friendly and personable and dealing with a product right there at the doors and getting that sale is beneficial because being there and following the process will assist you in getting that sale versus other methods. One major point that I love about door to door sales is that if you already have been knocking on doors and have worked in an office, everyone becomes like family. You begin to hang out with people after work and during work. It becomes a social environment and when someone gets a sale, everyone gets excited. Also, when someone succeeds in door to door sales, they do not hate the other person, no, they want to succeed like that person and look at what they are doing differently. Door to door sales is about talking to the customer and handling it correctly.

I want you to get the most out of my blog posts and in order for you to do so, I need you to keep following along, reach out and ask questions. I teach people how to be different and how to achieve in door to door sales. I want to remind you that the mass majority of top salespeople are not being pushy. No. They are guiding a customer into getting what you have to offer. How you do that, is to know your product and know the step by step process. Get involved and become a part of the programs that I have to offer. It brings me great joy when you get a sale and an increase in closing sales for your company because of the trickle effect. When you succeed, your company succeeds and I succeed as well! And in the end, we have a satisfied loyal customer. Keep knocking with passion! Until next time! Peace!

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