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Door to Door Sales Managers and Owners Advice

Let’s dive right into how to close more sales selling door to door! If you are a business owner or a manager that has a team of sales reps and wants to get to that level where you can train and execute the proper methods needed to close those sales, well then keep reading on because we are going to uncover some tips, strategies and some key advice on how to achieve that.

I surpassed the phase of owning my own company and managing my own sales team. I owned my own company and picked up a ton of resources and experience along the way that I could pass on to you. What I found right from the beginning was that procrastination did not work to my benefit. How many of you procrastinate out there? You need to properly set your time. As door knockers, you are entrepreneurs and you always have the next project aligned up. Procrastination makes us lose track of what is to be completed next and can take you a step behind instead of moving forward up a level in your business. Set up or have a structure in place.

I get the question “how do I close those sales,” often from business owners that want to grow a door knocking team and want a bunch of door to door salespeople to go out and get numerous sales. However, I want you to understand something about door to door sales and managing a company or owning a company. This is how it works and I do not care what industry you are in! This is how it works when you are involved in door to door sales. Some people enjoy working as a salesperson and do not wish to take on any other position but a sales rep position. You need to focus on hiring the right people if you want to build the ideal sales team that will achieve what goals you have set in place.

Now, you do not have to master door to door sales if you are the actual owner yourself but if you are the sales manager you must, must master the process of door to door sales. Why? Because the sales rep expects the manager to always be producing and outselling them. Managers are the motivators of the sales team and should be motivating them on a daily basis. There needs to be motivation! There can be negative thoughts building up from the rejections and rebuttals that arise in the job that can be very limiting. So, managers out there, you need to be able to be that “rock” for that sales rep to come to for advice and support to keep going and to give them the appropriate tools and resources to be able to overcome the hurdles that come with the profession. You need to lead by example and master the art of door to door sales. It all comes back to you the managers if your sales team is not excelling in the profession. I want to point out that your best sales rep might not be the best at management. You need someone committed for the task, someone who can turn your team around.

Compensating your sales reps accordingly is also key in order to keep staff happy and to keep staff committed to your company. You need to calculate as a business owner your profit margins on the accounts that are sold and what you can afford. You need to calculate how much you can afford to pay out as volume increases. As volume increases your profit margin increases. Which means you will make more per sale. Of course, it is important to note that sales reps make the most amount of money. The owners do not make that much money off of you. However, if you are not liking the idea that there is some profit going to your company from the work you do then this is not the job for you. As for managers, you need to make sure your product is being presented the right way so that way your sales rep will also present the product the right way to the customer.

I want to point out that military people are the best at selling in door to door sales. They are extremely successful in door to door sales and I want you to ask yourself what it is that makes them so successful! They have discipline! Door to door sales is not difficult, it’s not easy, it’s simple but it is all about discipline. When you learn how to calm down, you will learn how to calm the sales team, you will learn how to calm the customer down. Once I learned how to master the art of discipline, I ended up bringing in those sales. My cheques week to week kept on increasing to the point where people were wondering what I was doing to get those deals.

Now, as a sales manager, you always need to be recruiting! You have to keep growing it one person at a time. As a business owner again, you do not need to master the art of door to door sales. However, if you want too, that’s awesome! But if you have a powerful manager and a powerful sales team then you don’t really need to know that much about the sales aspect. No sales manager will come and work hard for you without the freedom for them to grow the company. You must hire a sales manager who is experienced, motivated and pumped to bring in those large cheques. You also have to be careful about how much you pay the managers where it does not affect your company. The challenge comes to finding that medium. Finding that balance of what you want your manager to produce for the company and finding the right amount of money to pay him or her.

Owners and managers need to understand that door to door sales reps have opportunities elsewhere. They can easily find a job for another company. This means that your company, your manager has to give sales reps a reason to work for your company, to stay at your company. There is much to discuss when it comes to growing your company and you must have a set structure set in place. People need to know what they are working towards. You need to have set numbers and goals that need to be attained and what the sales reps will receive if they reach those goals. What their pay and profit or commission will be.

Finally, you need to make your sales team happy. I understand that many of you are thinking and inquiring on how to make someone who is miserable happy?! This is a good question! I have dealt with this and am still dealing with this right now. I have many venues where I interact on a daily basis with individuals and can relate to trying to make individuals more cheerful and optimistic about their endeavors and what life has to offer them. Take the time to go out with your sales rep and knock with them. Let them feel good that you are supporting them and are a part of what they are going through. Pump them up. Give them a reason to get out there and accomplish the task they are set out to accomplish. When they see you making that effort, they too will make that effort and will be more motivated to get out there and get those deals closed. Get them excited! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! Bring excitement! Now, keep in mind it is much easier to keep sales reps excited for four months then for an entire year. However, even though it is challenging, you always have to come up with new material. You have to get excited before you get out there. As a manager, you must excite your team. If they are down and they have something on their mind, you have to get in there and come up with a game plan to fix it. Be the motivator and always bring forth an optimistic approach to everything you try and achieve.

Now here is a bit of advice in order to achieve those sales and close those deals, you need to understand your product and what sets you aside from your competitors. You need to study and know what the difference is from the other company. Once you learn this, you need to find out if your product is a solution or what you have to offer is a solution to the customer’s dilemma or is beneficial to them. Once you know this you will be able to direct yourself and your customer towards closing that deal. Also, you need to make sure all of the sales reps have proper license and permits within your jurisdiction. If not, this will only cause you more trouble in the long run. Remember always knock and sell ethically.

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