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Handling Objections Selling Door to Door

Do you have difficulties handling objections and rejections when selling door to door?! Many people ask me how do I close sales? How do I get that excitement to get those deals closed? How do I get all of this energy? Well, I condition myself before I go out there and knock. You have to train yourself mentally to be prepared for what you may encounter out there.

Door to door sales and sales, in general, are really the transfer of energy and emotion. Let me ask you, how awesome are you feeling right now to get the resources and tools to achieve your goals and succeed in door to door sales? Take the thought of quitting out of your mind! You have the answer on how to master door to door sales! By the end of this post, you will be able to handle objections! That’s right! I am sure you have come across the customers who say, “I don’t want it right now or I am not interested.” Are they really not interested? Stop making yourself believe that people don’t want your product or that they have heard the pitch before. That will just suck the energy right out of you. Someone is going to want to communicate with you and listen to you. This is the first step in getting closer to closing that sale. You have to do an amazing job of showing the customer what your product and service can do and how it can benefit them. This is your ultimate goal, showing what your product and service can do for your potential customer.

The question that needs to be asked is why are we getting rejected? Why are you getting rejected and the top sales reps are not getting rejected! What are you doing wrong that needs to be fixed to be that top person in the sales office? I want you to keep in mind that a small number of people do not have the funds to put towards what you have to offer, however, that is a very small amount. Door to door sales is very simple and we complicate it. Those who have a goal in mind to be financially wealthy and get rejected at the doors tend to make things over complicated because the rejection hits their ego. Every door you knock on must have the same amount of energy. It has to be filled with excitement and enthusiasm, you need to be prepared professionally with every door you knock on. You need to be prepared before you knock on that first door mentally and emotionally.

I am telling you that you are in for a large number of sales! That’s right! In the profession of door to door sales, customers benefit more to purchase from you because of the cost of the product. Many people have a bad notion when it comes to door to door sales and the reason is it all falls down to the rejection aspect of the profession. Now, I need you to listen and understand that rejection will come when you knock on doors, especially at the beginning of your job. Initially, people do not want to talk to sales reps at the beginning and taking into account that you are new on turf, your presentation may not be up to par with what is expected to get those deals closed. By nature, the homeowners have been programmed to view you as a typical salesperson and to say “I am not interested.”

I have had experience in getting objections before I closed a sale. Objections are good! They are good signs that people are actually going to buy from you. People do not want to do business with someone right away. However, they will tell you why they are not interested if you dig deep and begin a conversation with them and ask them why they are not interested. The majority of the time they don’t know what you are selling, they don’t know the product or how it could benefit them, they do not know what you are offering. “Mr. David, what part about solar and what I had to offer did you not like?” Begin the conversation and talk to them as if they were your friend. Go into the details of your product. You need to buy yourself time! You see, the first step is to understand what is happening behind a customer’s door before you knock on it. When you understand these scenarios then you will be able to understand the objections. Another reason why people may reject your product is that you may have rambled on during the presentation. Customers will walk all over you if you show a lack of confidence and lack in your presentation. Remember, do not quit! You will get there and learn how to master the art. There is a ton of money to be made in door to door sales!

As mentioned in previous posts, door to door sales is a step by step process. There is not one answer or one line that can get you that deal closed. It is something you learn and that you master over time with the right resources and with experience. Some may have experienced the objection, “I don’t have the money for it.” Well, this is your way in! What I want you to ask your customer when you hear that objection is, “that’s not a problem normally people can’t afford what I have to offer. If you did decide to get what I had to offer, what would be your true out of pocket cost?” The problem isn’t what you are saying it is getting them to listen to what you are saying. Pose the question to get them to interact with you. Engaging with the customer is key!

Most importantly, Door to door sales is simple and you have to keep it that way. Once you learn what to do you will be able to handle those rejections. You really need to focus on what “not interested” really means. If you want to be ahead you must use the resources that are out there for you. Learn from others and fix what it is that you are doing wrong. Find mentors, shadow top sales reps in your company. And when the opportunity arises, invest in the Masterd2d.com program where you can learn all the fundamentals on how to sell door to door. I want you to join the community and be a part of a growing profession. I know that the education I provide will change your life! Once you get ahead and set the bar do not fall back! You will be able at this point to model positivity for your company. You need to stay positive and motivated every single day. Remember, the way you present yourself and how you motivate yourself on a day to day basis will determine the outcome of the sale.

Here is one last tip that you can do to enhance your presentation and know your product. Ask yourself questions about your product with your coworkers or by yourself. Ask as many questions as you can think of and see just how much this will help you in your opener pitch. Until next time, knock with passion!

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