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Spouse Objection: How To Overcome Selling D2D

Welcome to another door to door mastery?! Today we are going to tackle the spouse objection and how to overcome it! Or should we even overcome it?! Now I understand that many of you are getting either the wife or the husband who answers the door. Many times you will get “well I need to check with my husband.” How many times have you been through an entire sale and the customer is like “well I need to check with my spouse?!” First off I want to bring up the fact that there are different cultures. Some come from East Indian or Arabic backgrounds and so forth. I have noticed in some cultures the husband makes all the decisions. Now there is nothing wrong with this but you need to identify and understand different cultures. I know in the Hispanic culture it can go that way as well or it …

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1 Tip To Handling Objections, A Mastery’s Dream Come True

Objections are signs that your potential customer is not ready to give you the green light and say YES ! However this doesn’t mean they are ready to for sure tell you no. I couldn’t tell you how many potential customers told me Not interested Need to talk to my spouse We don’t have the money, Don’t want it, you name it Only 30 min later to sign on the dotted line. I would have to say 90% of all my sales had some sort of objection if not multiple ones that then turn into a sale. If you are a more experienced rep you will know this to be true, and at this point your probably saying OMG i can relate 🙂 ! So my goal from this post is to have you see that objections are actually signs that a sale is coming. Think about it ! If …

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Not Interested ? How Do You Mean ?

Over and over you will hear me repeat myself about this phrase : “Not Interested” What does that mean ? why to potential customers tell us this ? as sales people we will hear this over and over and over and over again ! drill that in your head because i need you to understand that there is nothing wrong with you or your pitch if your hearing this ! What you do with “Not Interested” is what separates top sales people from average reps. Listen up …. This is my quick list of possible reasons why you potential customer is telling you “Not Interested” They Still have no clue what you are selling They are scared to commit Afraid that there may be hidden costs Now is just a bad time They simply don’t trust you They really aren’t the decision maker You sound to sale like Your sounding …

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