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Not Interested ? How Do You Mean ?

Over and over you will hear me repeat myself about this phrase :

“Not Interested”

What does that mean ? why to potential customers tell us this ? as sales people we will hear this over and over and over and over again ! drill that in your head because i need you to understand that there is nothing wrong with you or your pitch if your hearing this !

What you do with “Not Interested” is what separates top sales people from average reps.

Listen up ….

This is my quick list of possible reasons why you potential customer is telling you “Not Interested”

  1. They Still have no clue what you are selling
  2. They are scared to commit
  3. Afraid that there may be hidden costs
  4. Now is just a bad time
  5. They simply don’t trust you
  6. They really aren’t the decision maker
  7. You sound to sale like
  8. Your sounding very scripted
  9. They sense your uncomfortable

The list goes on and on, and i break this down in more detail in the members are of the door to door mastery program. Click Here

Do you know that even i get “not interested” often ! this is typical for all sales people. Humans have been programed to say that as an excuse to not get closed in on something they might regret. Understand this please ! When you understand this you will work more on getting your potential clients to understand

  1. What Your Offer Is
  2. Complete Cost To Acquire What You Are Selling
  3. Building That Relationship
  4. How To Engage More
  5. Find Out If They Can Benefit

Most sales people just want a sale. More like every sales person wants a sale, however you need to start looking at it a little different. Ultimately it is obvious you want a sale, but TODAY ! i want you to take another approach. I want you to focus on qualification.

Do you know all my customers believe it or not i qualify to see if they can really use what i have to offer or not. I bet you never thought of this. When i qualify customers, this in reality makes me not just a typical sales person. Im looking for certain people that can actually benefit from what i have to offer. When i find this person i push hard to close that sale. I am not the sales person that wastes my time at every door. If a person is not really interested because the criteria doesn’t match my “Avatar” for who a customer is, i move forwards and really thank them for my time , because in reality they cannot benefit from what i have to offer.

Take this action today ! I am your door knocking coach ! I want to hear nothing but success stories from my teachings.

Like what your reading ? How would you love to have me explain all these teachings from “A to Z” in in video format on screen ?

Join the members area today ! The best personality trait i have is i don’t waste time, i take action and figure out if something is for me or not. This is a part of my frequency teachings ! Friends of mine are still thinking if door knocking is for them, mean while i have already made a bunch and own multiple companies already !

Talk at cha soon Door Knockers ….

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