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Door to Door Confidence Builder Training

Do you have any “tips” of building confidence at the doors? That was a question that I was asked not too long ago and I want to share my answer with all of you. Now, I must say that I have numerous strategies and “tips” that I can share with you to help in building the confidence you need at the doors. However, I am going to give you and focus on the most important “tips” that can help increase those sales. The reason why I want to focus and share the main strategies on how to build confidence is that I want to unlock that skill set that is hidden in each one of us. Once the confidence is built, again you will close those deals.

To begin, I want you to ask yourself this question, what is confidence? Confidence can be described as something that makes you feel great internally, with that feeling you are able to take that and do something knowing that the outcome will result in what you expected or wanted it to be. For example; if I am confident about going out door to door and being able to write five accounts every single day then I am going to be able to get those five accounts because of the confidence I have. Of course, you have to have confidence in what you are going to say after you knock on that door. Remember, having confidence in how many sales you get, having confidence in what you say are both important in closing those deals.

Having confidence at the doors after knocking is important. You must think if someone rejects you or rejects what you have to say about your product or service, how will you react? Are you going to lose confidence? Are you going to stumble your words? Or are you going to have confidence in the rebuttal and know what it is you are going to say? You speak with confidence when you have previously gotten results. We need to focus on building confidence. What are your weaknesses in selling door to door? Some have communication problems; some do not have the motivation to get out there and knock on those doors. When you find your weakness, it doesn’t mean it is over, it just means that you can go and work at improving those weaknesses.

Remember, the more potential energy you use at those doors the more you get those deals because you are knocking on more doors and are building the confidence during the process. Just think about it, when the results are higher of closing those sales, your confidence increases. The reality is that the way to build confidence is that you have to start getting those results. That’s on the motivational side. On the sales skill side, you need to know how to communicate and build value when you are selling to your potential customers. In door to door sales and sales, they both require small strategies and “tips” you need to learn. Building confidence in your opener pitch, features, and benefits, and closing pitch. All of these need to be sharpened. Results are everything, getting those results is everything. Being motivated to get out there is everything. So, make sure you keep getting those results to keep building that confidence.

Assertiveness is also important in door to door sales to get results. Now, we are not talking about being aggressive, we are focusing on being assertive. Being assertive comes back to not wagging your tail and getting all nervous when things aren’t going your way at the doors. The way you become assertive is to picture that you are a person of authority. Remember, you are legally allowed to be there at the door, so get rid of the fear of what the person at the door will think of you when you approach them. Being timid and shy will only give them a reason to walk all over you. Do not give them a reason to treat you like a doormat because you are better than that. You are a professional and you are an entrepreneur so let them know that by presenting yourself in an assertive manner.

You can learn more about confidence and assertiveness in my free video series and in my Shakuri University. If you do not have my Shakuri University, I highly recommended! I am always adding videos to my Shakuri University program. I want to thank you for following my blog and keep on building that confidence by getting those results! Keep on Knocking with Passion! Peace!

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