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Getting Your Customer to Sign on the Dotted Line

What’s up everybody?! It’s Paul Shakuri here with more INSIGHTS BEHIND THE PROCESS of mastering door knocking. Approximately, a month ago, I received a question and I would like to tackle and address it. This question comes from Adam. Adam: “…I have learned something new every day! I have been knocking on doors for a few weeks now and I am getting really comfortable with my Opener Pitch, and I got into quite a few homes! But, I kept encountering the same problems over and over again. I sell home security and home automation system door to door. I sit down with potential customers and after 20 to 30 minutes they tell me the exact same thing over and over again!

Potential Customer:We love the system! It’s great! The level of protection is amazing! But we will
definitely get it in a few weeks! I just don’t have the money right now!”

Adam:Are you faced with this with the products and services that you guys sell?”

To begin lets review Adam’s current position before we tackle the question. Adam has engaged with the potential customer and has moved in on to the point where he has been invited into the property. Depending on what your selling and in this case, it is home security, the number one place you want to get into is inside the customer’s property. The reason behind this is because this is where we do the In-house demonstration! This is an essential presentation for door knockers and customers as both will be able to better understand the service being put in place for that home. Of course, our door knocker is knowledgeable about products and services for all types of homes but the homeowner might not be as informed of the process and most importantly value. I make and take extreme efforts to ensure that the door knockers ethically sell door to door and to understand what the homeowner’s needs are.

Homeowners, I ask that you listen to the next door knocker that comes to your door and is actually polite. By doing so, you will find out you can work on a wonderful deal. You see, people like Adam are there to help you, to help the economy! He needs to grow as a rep and in the future, he may possibly own his own business which in turn will result in hiring and recruiting more people. This helps keep the economy safe with security and employment a float. Door knockers, once you reached Adam’s stage where you are invited into the property you need to show where your services will go. For example; if you are doing pest control, you need to take the owner outside into the yard and show them every angle, every nook, and crank where your product will go.

We now know Adam is personable because he is getting inside the house; 1. Like; people will not let you in if they do not like you. Get people to like you. Remember, its what you do at that moment that will dictate if the customer will accept you and trust you fully with what you are about to offer them. You got my blood going! I am excited now! You see once they like you, they become interested, you have peeked their interest just like Adam. You then go through your Opener Pitch. (If you need help with this, then just go to my Masterd2d.com program.) You begin your presentation once you are welcomed onto the property and this is where things go wrong. You begin to rush through the presentation. You neglect to ask and attain assurance that what you have just said and showed actually makes sense to the customer. One way to approach it and to verify if the customer understands your product is to ask them questions to verify if they actually make sense of it. For example; in this case, we are doing home security. Ask the customer if they know how they would secure this door. Get them engaged! You then show them how your company does it.

 Does that make sense? Possible answers can be no, maybe, yes. If they say yes, you have to validate what you said makes sense to them. Have them repeat to you what you need to hear about that product! You need to do that for each individual product you are doing throughout your presentation. Then make sure you bring the presentation to life because that’s when people will want to do business with you.

 Compare BEFORE and AFTER: Someone enters your property; no sirens go off. Someone can break into your property and take irreplaceable items. When we secure your property, that now if there was an intrusion your house would be secure. Customers are drawn into the before and after and the scenarios you provide brings value and gives them a better understanding of what your product and service has to offer. They then find the money to sign on the security service.

2. TRUST; you have to get people to trust you. I am not providing shit information or fluff. I did 12 years of door to door. Adam you don’t have to know everything about door to door but the more you know, the more deals you will get. I can tell your passionate about your profession Adam and of what you sell. Make these corrections and finalize it with asking the customer if it makes sense and brings in the before and after scenarios. Correct these things and see how people will realize why they cannot live without your product or services. Hours of this content is taught in my Masterd2d.com program.

Also, I have a security training course that is coming. We are building it and it will be released in the next few months. If you want questions answered fire them over to pshak@doortodoormastery.com or my support team support@doortodoormastery.com. Thank you so much, Adam, for reaching out! Bye!

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