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Get Your Mind On Your Money Door Knockers

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! This is Paul Shakuri and today I have my mind on you guys and gals! I want to get inside my mind and discuss something that made complete sense to me when I was knocking door to door. I was always keeping in mind my finances, my debts to income ratio. This topic will be beneficial for you with how my mind processes debt. I will also let you know where I stand today in regards to debt. This information can also be utilized in your life, so in turn, you will be able to close more deals on those doors.

YOU DON’T NEED A MAGICAL WORD to close more deals while selling door to door. This is apparent if you have been a follower of mine. Folks by now you should have realized that it’s not just about what you say! It is more than just the words that come out of your mouth! Most of you are typical salespeople who show up at the door and are struggling. I get it! I can relate to that! This is perfectly normal! The question you want to ask yourself is, are you climbing out of that? Have you implanted in your mind the concept of getting better at what you are doing? Are you focussing on enhancing your mental stability and what that means is your mental state of mind in regards to door knocking? Have you made the affirmation inside your head that you will succeed? Now, I am trying to calm my words because I get a little excited with all of this information that sometimes it seems as if the information I am giving you is what I like to call “mind dump.”I am going to gear it towards more content than “mind dump.”

Now, reverting back to finances and debts. I personally wanted to become a millionaire. That was my goal. I wanted to let you know that I have achieved that as my net worth. When I achieved this goal, I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel that I could live in the house of my dreams, or buy the car of my dreams. The reason is that getting yourself into debt drains you down, it holds you back. You see net worth is different than net income. Keep in mind I am also debt free. I own the home I live in; the car I drive as well as I have no credit card or school debt to account for. I can take out a loan from the bank with a snap of a finger but I am going to tell you I don’t deserve it! That’s right, I don’t deserve it! This is going to help you when you knock on doors! My net income is not at a million dollars!

If your net income is at a million dollars then you can splurge on that BMW and Lamborghini. Of course, those vehicles are ideal for recruiting as I have owned one in the past and found it beneficial to my business expenditure. Later on, I went to sell my BMW and made enough money back to purchase a vehicle that I found more comfortable and suited to the lifestyle I was in at this point in my life. Now, I am at the point in my life where I have asked myself if I should invest in my two-million-dollar dream home and later my thirty-million-dollar dream home. I love a spacious home! One where I can host family festivities, where I have my own office, theatre room and more. Debt to income ratio is where my mind is at. You see I can purchase the two-million-dollar home tomorrow but my debt to income ratio is low. My net worth is not high enough to invest because if I did I would get myself into debt and my debt to income would increase! I don’t like debt and do not want any debt on my shoulders! So I determined I have to increase the amount of income I make through investments so I am finding ways to have my money work for me.

As you may know, I am a workhorse and am looking for friends to partner with because I am truly an investor. Please feel free to share and throw some ideas back at me with any investments you may have or heard of. I am opened to it all. Seeing investments and money multiply is absolutely incredible but it takes risks. I need you to understand on a smaller scale that too much debt can limit your potential. Get rid of your debt! Put in those twelve hours a day knocking! Don’t slack off! Be consistent so you can get yourself out of debt.

When you do get out of debt get your shit straight. Control your finances. Some say get everything you need to get your mind to your new lifestyle. THE KEY is to adapt to your environment. Get your mind to work around the environment you are in. Cut back on your expenditures short term and then when your debt free invest in a fourteen-thousand-dollar car. When your debt free you have less stress. When you have less stress you close more deals. When you close more deals you make more money. This is HOW you think logically! Until the next time!


  1. Hi Paul, I just started selling energy door to door for almost 2 weeks now. I made my first sale yesterday, but I feel that I was just lucky with her. Everyone in my office keeps giving me advice on how to act at the door and some of it’s contradicting. I want to make this work, and help my family. I’m super in debt and don’t know if I can get out. I can’t even buy your program, if you could please help me I’ll forever be in your debt. Appreciate any help you can give me, thank you.

    • Nick, what you just said is the pinnacle to the mental block that stops d2d sales people from succeeding. Let me explain. You did not get that by luck. What happened was you got the “lay down” sales. The one who was nice and actually wanted to hear you out and wanted what you had to offer. There are many more out there like that. If you continue to knock you will collect more people like that . You have to knock full time to run into more of those people. However, i dont teach only to get those customers. I teach how to get the more difficult ones. When you learn my strategies you get multiple personality client types. Keep at er. I have a ton of free content out there as well. You need to watch video after video daily and you have to keep reading my articles if you really want to learn it. Nothing I can just randomly say here in a reply that will get you converting. Its work and development in progress. One thing is … I believe in you. Rock it out .. stay in contact.

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