Treat Your Sales Job Like A Business | I Take Mine Very Serious And So Should You

So i recently visited an office of sales people who were selling door to door. It was wonderful to see a large sales team that was producing numbers however the potential was not there. Read on…. Many sales teams tend to have sales people who are strong by nature and weaker by choice. Sales if not taken seriously will eventually lead to the fall off of being unemployed. How is it that to be the best sales person you need to be enthusiastic. I couldn’t tell you how disappointed i get with sales people who jump into a sales job only because they need money. Would you do something illegal and sell drugs just because you need money?(DONT DO IT !)  Why would one just jump into a sales job, especially door to door if they aren’t enthusiastic about maximizing sales. Managers it is your duty to keep your team …

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Door To Door Sales Strategies

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What To Sell Door To Door | Is it to make money? Choose Wise

My single advice to everyone i teach when selling door to door is sell what you believe in. Now before you jump too quick and go sell the first thing you enjoy selling, there is one more thing you need to know. Figuring out what to sell is very important in your door to door sales career. The reason for this is because there is a certain combination you must have in order to do well at it. You Must Sell What You Stick Behind The Compensation Must Be Higher Than A Regular Job Your Building A Brand or Creating Awareness You Must Sell What You Stick Behind Personally i am not a jewelry type of person,altho i used to be…  however a really good friend of mine Elie is. As a matter of fact his sister owns a jewelry company and he recently became a member of my Door …

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door sales get in the house

How To Get In The Door | 3 Techniques That Works

Door to door sales people know they need to learn how to get in the home or out of the customers comfort zone in order to increase the chances of generating a sale. Has your manager told you that? This is a very true statement but before you actually get in the door you need to understand what you need to do. The points i will be covering in this article will be: Know When To Ask Know How To Ask If Rejected Take A Step Back Know When To Ask Just because you are talking it doesn’t mean your potential customer is: a) Listening b) Understanding In order to outperform the average salesperson you need to understand that 80%+ of your sale is based on how you present yourself at the door. How engaging are you. Do you take control of the sale and know when to put the …

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sales process

Overview Of A Complete Sale | Don’t Jump Steps…

  All of us want to get out there and close more deals – that’s a given. Often times I see average reps feeling left out because top sales reps keep going out, getting excited, and closing deals. It is very typical for the average rep to believe that excitement and feeling good is all they need in order to close a sale. How many times have you heard a sales representative say, “I don’t oow why I didn’t get a sale today… I felt really good and confidentck.” Sales is an art, and until mastered you will need more than just excitement to close a ton of sales. I want you to always keep in mind the reason that you wanted to do door to door sales in the first place. Many say money, while others say exposure of brand. Regardless of the reason you chose to sell door to door, you need to understand …

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