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Treat Your Sales Job Like A Business | I Take Mine Very Serious And So Should You

So i recently visited an office of sales people who were selling door to door. It was wonderful to see a large sales team that was producing numbers however the potential was not there. Read on….

Many sales teams tend to have sales people who are strong by nature and weaker by choice. Sales if not taken seriously will eventually lead to the fall off of being unemployed. How is it that to be the best sales person you need to be enthusiastic. I couldn’t tell you how disappointed i get with sales people who jump into a sales job only because they need money. Would you do something illegal and sell drugs just because you need money?(DONT DO IT !)  Why would one just jump into a sales job, especially door to door if they aren’t enthusiastic about maximizing sales.

Managers it is your duty to keep your team excited. Perhaps you have a product or service that pays real well but your sales team is still not excited. Lets break this down and think why. I knew a guy by the name of Paul that used to think that if he were to get into shape, girls would flock to him because they wanted a man who was fit and looked great. Little did this Paul guy know that when he became fit and in shape girls weren’t flocking to him until he realized he had to activity work at his communication skills. Many of you have talents but aren’t using them correctly. If you have a personality that is outgoing, enthusiastic and energetic you have the recipe for success in door to door sales. Now before you get to excited just because you have a recipe does that mean you have the cookies ? NO ! having the recipe is the first step to success. Most people do not have that persuasive personality mixed with being enthusiastic so either they have to work at achieving this which can be very difficult or they just simply put cannot be the top sales person. Sales is a business, business is a sport ! another example is a major league player that knows how to play baseball doesn’t just walk onto the field without practice, mental visualization and more. Those who take the door to door sales game as a sport and know they have to be excited before they step on the field are the ones who reap the rewards.

Business people, look at the details of their business. Everything from the financials to the representatives they have working for them. Being a door to door sales person is no different. Tracking your progress on where you are, setting goals up to where you want to be to remembering all the excuses you came up with to restrict yourself from closing a sale out there in the field today. Business requires talent and so does door knocking. If you ever owned your own business you will know there are many downs and very few ups, however when those ups come, they are well worth the downs that happened. Relating this to door knocking, how many rejections must you get before you close that sale. How much effort does it take you to get out of bed to get to turf to close that sale ? when you get that sale it’s all worth the downs !

Treat your door to door sales job like a business !

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