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Treat Your Sales Job Like A Business | I Take Mine Very Serious And So Should You

So i recently visited an office of sales people who were selling door to door. It was wonderful to see a large sales team that was producing numbers however the potential was not there. Read on…. Many sales teams tend to have sales people who are strong by nature and weaker by choice. Sales if not taken seriously will eventually lead to the fall off of being unemployed. How is it that to be the best sales person you need to be enthusiastic. I couldn’t tell you how disappointed i get with sales people who jump into a sales job only because they need money. Would you do something illegal and sell drugs just because you need money?(DONT DO IT !) ¬†Why would one just jump into a sales job, especially door to door if they aren’t enthusiastic about maximizing sales. Managers it is your duty to keep your team …

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