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Learn How To Start Talking Your Customers Language !

I don’t means English, Spanish or French ! I’m talking what they want to hear. How do you find out what they want to hear ? Or how about who wants to hear what ? The answer is in this blog post.

Recently I had a student ask me to correct his pitch. He sells cable, satellite and phone service through Comcast. After breaking down what he was saying I noticed it wasn’t what he was saying however it was the angle he was looking at it all from that was wrong. Let me explain.

He along with many others always tell me that their internet connection that they are selling is 100000000% faster than the one that their potential customer is currently using. Is that a good thing ? absolutely however let me get your minds on the right track so that you can see things through my vision.

When you tell a potential customer that your internet is faster than your competitors:

  1. Your bashing your competition.
  2. Your instantly a sales person in their eyes.
  3. Your not qualifying the feature/ benefit.

Bashing your competition doesn’t solve anything, especially when it suits their needs and they believe the price is right, topped with the company has been fair to them.

Every sales person believes that selling is all about showing your customer how you are better than what they currently have. This is not true. What appears better in your eyes may not appear better in theirs. Understand that everyone is different.

Your Feature: blazing fast internet 100 megs/sec
Your Benefit: Well what if your potential customer is maximizing their benefit from this feature with their existing company they are with? Just because this is a benefit in your eyes it may not be in theirs. They may only check their emails and browse the net ! Reality check…. Any internet provider these days will be more than enough for that.

So your goal is to find the customer who streams Netflix, watches YouTube at the same time has 5 kids with iPads and all complain it’s too slow !

When you start understanding who your target customer is , and focus on pitching to them, your chances of closing a sale are greatly increased.

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