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When Is The Best Time To Knock On Doors

The best time to knock varies on the person you are and your goals. Today, I will help you figure out “When is the best time to knock on doors?” This is a question I get quite often. Before answering this question, you must know what kind of personality you have. This article is based on the two major personality types of door knockers.

The first type of Door Knocker is the Average Rep who wants to make a living knocking on doors. In other words, they want to pay their bills and perhaps even save some money. They may only want to knock for a few years but it is their primary form of employment. If you are the average rep or simply just new at being a Door Knocker, you’re going to want to knock before the 5-6pm peek time. This is when people start to come home. This helps maximize sales especially if you’re knocking in the mornings. If you make a sale in the morning and evening, you’ll then have multiple sales during the day. An Average Rep can make a good living off knocking door to door if done right.

The second kind of Door Knocker is the Bill Payer, the one looking to pay their bills by getting a sale and going home. They have a specific goal in mind—make the money they intend and move on with their lives. For instance, they may just want to pay debt such as student loans or business loans. They may even want to save money to purchase a house or a new car. After they do what they intend to do, they move onto another job or career path. In fact, they may have a 9-5 job. When would be the best time for this person? The Bill Payer’s best time to reach their goal is during the Power Hours from 5pm until dark. Similar to the Average Rep, this is the best time to make a sale because people are home from work and school. Sometimes, knowing when people are home is the key to success as a Door Knocker. If you only knock during these peak times, don’t expect to be the top sales person with this mentality.

So, “When is the best time to knock?” As I mentioned, the best time to sell depends on the type of Door Knocker you are. If you are the Average Rep, you want to get out there before the Power Hours. If you are the Bill Payer, you want to get out there during the Power Hours which is 5pm until dark. The best time depends on your goals.

There are advantages to knocking outside of these hours. If you are new to door knocking, you may need to build up your skills as well as your confidence and motivation. By selling door to door during non-peak hours, you get to practice your skills and learn what works and doesn’t work for you. Remember, every door knocker is different. What works for one does not necessarily work for another Door Knocker. In other words, utilize non-peak hours as a way to practice and hone your skills as a Door Knocker.

True success comes when you go beyond the Power Hours because this will help maximize your sales and your confidence. If you have multiple sales, you’ll feel reassured that you can make a career out of selling door to door. Furthermore, the excitement of having one under your belt at the start of your day will help drive you to keep going for the rest of the day. In fact, making a sale before prime time knocking makes you feel like your day isn’t a waste. Knowing worst case scenario that you’re going to go home with only one sale really helps push through the last 5 hours of knocking because you reached your goal for the day. Making another sale will be a bonus.

It is important to set milestones for yourself to keep yourself motivated. If you only want to make one sale a day or five sales in a week, you need to set this goal for yourself. Setting goals helps you stay on track. If you reached your goal for the day, it will help motivate you to keep going especially if you’re on a roll. If you haven’t reached your goal for the day or even the week, it will help keep you determined to reach that milestone.

At the same time, it is important to remember that knocking door to door can be demanding. You must allow yourself disciplined breaks. In other words, you need to decide the time and length of each break and stick to each break. In order to be successful, you need to get adequate rest, hydration, and food. It is always a good idea to put a granola bar or other snack in your bag. Keep some water bottles in an ice cooler to help get through those hot days. You don’t want to have to get back in your car and drive a mile to find a store to buy a cold bottle of hydration. Remember to take care of yourself out there or else you’ll be burnt out.

The key to success is to outlast everyone else. In other words, you want to outsell everyone else. When you and your fellow peers create healthy competition, it’s only a win-win situation for everyone. On the other hand, keep in mind the way to get burnt out selling door to door is to neglect yourself and to do it long term without putting your money in a bank account. You want to watch your money grow and to invest it. Even paying debt off is a way to prevent yourself from feeling burnt out. If you’re not using the money to make progress in your life, you’re going to eventually get burnt out!



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  2. What about Holidays!? am i more likely to burn a neighborhood or can i still tactfully resolve most sittuations?

    • Holidays are phenomenal to knock. Know that more people are home, hence the more people who are home the more people you can talk to and the more sales your likely to get. Some people will be upset that you are there on a holiday if you are not polite and kind. Be courteous. Some of you really need to learn how to better your communication skills. Its not your fault the new generation doesn’t have as much experience with face to face communication because of recent technologies. Be personable. If they like you they will talk to you, gain their trust and they will possibly do business with you.

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