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Door To Door Sales Motivation

Your sales will be as alive as you are. Stop wasting time not being pumped up before you go out. Here is a little motivation to get you excited to go out and take care of your customer and in return get paid.

Remember that sales is the transfer of energy and emotion. If you don’t have that, your going to find it hard to close more sales selling door to door.

Some people get excited internally and some are more louder, it doesn’t matter which type you are, find that fire and light it under you to go out and get the job done .

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  1. I watched this a few times and closed the next door I knocked… Good stuff.

    • Great stuff Mr Carter. Happy it works. Door to door sales is a lot of mental drainage on you but once you build the strength, who cares it doesn’t phase you anymore. Proud of you. Stick in their and sell ethically as a true entrepreneur

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