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The Sales Numbers Game, Is it?

Hello! Hello! Hello! What is shaken’ door to door mastery fans?! In this piece we are going to be focussing all our energy on the question “is door to door sales or sales, in general, a numbers game?” Well, ask yourself, is it? How do you feel about the concept of door to door sales being a numbers game? For those who have been knocking for a few years, is it this way for you? Is it a numbers game? I am going to break it down for you! This way you can move on your way to closing more sales at those doors. For those of you who are new to my blog, I have a program Masterd2d.com and I also have a free video series that can help guide through the full three-step process of mastering your opener pitch, your features and benefits, and your closing pitch. The resources offered have helped many sales rep as yourselves and are filled with tips and strategies on how to approach door knocking in an ethical manner. For those who have been following my blogs for some time, I constantly share my programs for those who are new followers and for those who have been following and still haven’t invested yet. Trust me when I say it is a sure thing when you get my program!

Now, jumping back to if door to door sales is a numbers game?! This is vital to your career to understand and master this concept. The answer to the question is that yes to start off with door to door sales is a numbers game. When you are starting something that you are not good at or haven’t mastered, your main objective is to surround yourself around the task so you can become familiar with it. The more doors you knock on, the more people you talk to, the more experience you will gain and the better chance you will have of closing a sale. So, yes this is a numbers game. If you talk to fifty people a day your chances of closing a sale are higher. However, is this where it ends? Is that where you want it to end? Do you want to talk to fifty to a hundred people a day or knock on hundreds of doors just to get one sale? Of course, a profession such as this is not realistic. How will one live if they only get one sale every so often? This is where people get frustrated in the industry because at the beginning it appears this way but once you gain the experience this completely changes. You begin to get results and get those deals closed.

So, what I am basically saying is that the numbers game does not exist long term. Once you learn and understand how to close a sale from talking to one and a hundred homeowners to one and fifty homeowners and so on, once you get that ratio down, the numbers game becomes non-existence. The game changes and focusses on talking to as many people as you can by closing one in every ten homeowners by using your maximum potential. When you do get that one in ten make sure you have time to talk to ten more people to close that second sale.

In reality, if you want to call it a numbers game, well, I guess you can but I want to let you know it is not about what you call it! When you bring that closing ratio down, you have to focus on getting the second sale, the third, the fourth, the fifth and so on. I had a day where I closed ten sales in one day and I want to build you all up to that next level. I want you to comment below and to reach out to me. Masterd2d.com again is my door to door mastery program and provides you with the tools necessary to succeed.

Remember to knock with passion and “never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”- Jack Ma

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