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The Most Important Piece to Your Sales Pitch

Hey, what’s happening door to door mastery fans?! This is your boy Paul Shakuri! Today we are going to discuss the single most important thing you have to get your mindset into when your mastering the art of sales in general. Now if this blog does not get inside your head and resonate, if it does not help you identify what you are lacking in and encourage you to do more of it so that you can get up and unlock some of that true potential then you will never become a better sales person.

Now I am not just pulling all this out of thin air! This comes from years of coaching individuals, years of experience, people asking numerous questions and getting the same feedback and experiences from others. They all appear to have the same issue! And what is this issue you say?! It’s compassion and acknowledgment! And what do I mean about these two main points?! Well, pay attention and keep reading on and you will find out exactly what it is I am referring too.

So here is something in sales that I have learned after having been two years in the profession, what I learned helped me take sales to the next level and made me really great at anything I attempted to sell. I am sure you are curious by now at what exactly it is, well you have heard about it, “be passionate to what it is you are endorsing.” Now I do agree passion is a requirement but to what level? Well, I want to make it clear that you cannot sell for the money alone! Many people at this point may feel to urge to criticise and ask the question “well what are we selling this for?” I am going to be honest with you! Sales is one of the highest incomes earned in any profession. Which means that at the end you will be making a living from selling door to door. So we understand that we do in fact want to make money but we just can’t sell sole for the money.

What I have noticed over the course of the years is that individuals who fully devote themselves into just earning the money do not acknowledge the customers concerns. This in turn results with a lack of compassion towards the customers current or previous experience in door to door sales. There it is folks! Acknowledgement! You do not acknowledge the customers concern! I have been receiving audio recordings from individuals that I have been coaching and in those recordings customers make mention that they felt that the sales rep sounds like the sales rep that had previously come to the door and to further that both reps did not or are not listening to the customer’s concern. What gets you the deal is learning how to acknowledge your potential customer’s responses to the sale and or product you have to offer. You see, sales are all about the communication. For example; you knock on the door, take a step back! The first thing you have to acknowledge is that not everyone wants you there.

Customer: “Hey, what can I do for you?”

Me: “Hello, are you the owner of the property?”

Customer: “Yes, what are you selling?”

When they tell you or ask you about what you are selling you must open up your mindset! You need to attain the following sale skills! Every sale skill you acquire increase exponentially your odds of success. If you’re not closing deals at every single door, then you need to get in on my sales training. You need to understand that in order to communicate with individuals then you must start by acknowledging them.

Me: “I am here with pest control.” (that’s just an example, you could be with home security, etc.)
Customer: “Oh wait you’re with pest control”

You know when the customer is giving you that acknowledgment that they know your company and are concerned. If you just push away that concern, then you are not acknowledging them. That comment alone that they know your company means they have been introduced to your company in some way. You are there because you are sticking behind the product and service you are selling and you are out there on a mission to transfer your passion and knowledge to like minded individuals. How are you going to do this? Simple, by having the appropriate sales skills! So do not jump over that acknowledgment phase! This is phase is a skill that you have to attain! Acknowledging the customer’s response to being part of an organization that is providing and endorsing a product or service is essential in order to build trust and to show compassion towards the customers needs.

I am here to tell you something, you can repair all misconceptions and rebuttals that customers may potentially have towards you and your company. Once you know what you are selling and are passionate about it then you will be able to take the first step to success. I teach ethical selling in my Masterd2d.com program and it offers you training, insight and scenarios that you may come across while knocking door to door. I do what I do because I personally care about each individual including all homeowners. As a sales person we have to acknowledge and equally care about the other person on the other side of that door. This is how we build that trust and like factor. Think about it! I know this a lot to take in but I want you to ask those questions and make comments. Also, sign up to my free video series to help you get started.

Remember it starts with you! Be the solution to the problem by acknowledging that homeowner. Until next time! Peace!

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