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The Reasons Door to Door Can Be Fearful

Is there a reason why door knocking can be so scary? So fearful? Door knocking can be fearful! I get it! I completely understand where you are coming from! Today I am going to uncover the reasons why so many people fear the profession of door knocking or just find the concept of door knocking frightful! And again I completely understand why the majority of people in the profession and those who are thinking of getting into the profession might feel this way at the beginning!

First off, I want to thank you for following along my blog posts and all of my other social media accounts. I want to take a moment right now to remind you to sign up to my free video series if you haven’t already to get more detailed information on how to knock door to door and just how to close those deals. Now, we are going to dig deep into why you feel it can be a little scary to knock on doors. When I began knocking on doors approximately over eleven years ago, I had this fear of going and knocking on doors. I have asked several people if they have ever become scared of going out and knocking on doors and very few say “no not really!” However, for the majority of us, we tend to get scared and nervous when we even begin to think about going out there and knocking on those doors.

So we need to ask ourselves why is this fear coming about? Why does this fear arise within us? Is there a possibility of overcoming this fear so we can master the art of door to door selling? Door to door sales becomes frightening because of the unknown. Now it’s not the frightful feeling that something dangerous will happen to you! No, it is more of the frightful, uncomfortable feeling that you get when you knocked on the door and someone is ready to approach you and you are about to begin the sale
process. The fear arises based on the thought of what that person on the other side of the door is going to think of you after that initial knock. No one wants to feel belittled, or that they are not wanted, that they are rejected! These are the feelings that your linking and relating when you are knocking on that door.

I just want you to take a moment and think about it? Think about the times you have knocked on doors or thought of knocking on doors? Was not your initial thought after knocking “what is that person going to think of me on the other side of the door? Are they going to think less of me, a lower class citizen because door knocking is my profession?” Well, I need you to start to shift your focus! We are door knockers! We are true entrepreneurs! Now I am writing to those who ethically sell because I do not teach how to sell unethically and I most certainly do not teach you how to be a pest at the door.

You need to understand why you are knocking on doors. When I knock on a door I find out who my avatars are and when I knock I want to immediately lock and engage with my potential customer. I want to talk in a fun and friendly manner so that person on the other side is actually thanking me and liking what it is I am doing. After I knock on a door, I typically stand back and take in a deep breath before they answer the door. Also, I am very assertive when they answer the door and I am assertive because I do not feel like a pushover. Most potential clients will actually push you over because they sense that they can just close the door and get rid of you. When people usually knock on doors the person on the other side hopes it’s not a religious person or a salesperson.

I want you to think about how you feel emotionally when someone rejects you. It affects every single door you knock at after that first rejection. The main reason why you are not closing sales is that you are not excited and you don’t believe you are going to make the sale anymore. You start dis-empowering yourself and you begin to feel really uncomfortable. You think “what if someone opens the door and

begins to scream at me and does not want me there.” We need to separate the negative thoughts from other opportunities. Every door you knock on is a window of opportunity! The more doors you knock on the higher odds are of you achieving and hitting your goals. There are many things you can do to close a sale and you can find those details in my Masterd2d.com program.

When you’re in a rut and you feel that your down, you need to get yourself out of it. Surround yourself with positive people in your company. Knock with a positive person. Someone who can lift your self- esteem. This usually is found in management. Management this is what you need to be doing with your reps. Sales reps you’re not there to be a pest at the doors. Your there to offer them a great opportunity for a product or service. In all reality, nine out of ten people should talk to you and hold a meaningful conversation. If this is not happening, then you need to take control of your emotions. You can close those sales! Be consistent and every door you knock on will get you closer to those daily and weekly and monthly goals. Remember goals are important! Do not go short of your goals!

I want to thank you so much for following along. Don’t forget to connect with me and face that fear by taking the challenge, going out there and controlling those emotions!

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