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Never Say This At The Door… Or Else !!!

1) I’m sorry to bother you

2)  Is This something you think you guys would want ?

#1 understand that you are there to Make Money ! Know this ! Own it ! Respect your door but Never lower yourself !

I always teach to get your proper licenses and permits ! Having said that you are legally allowed to be there if you did your legal stuff right ! I am in no way a lawyer nor do I give legal advice, check with your jurisdiction on what you need to legally knock on a door.

Are you really sorry to bother them ? If you are then why the frick are you doing door to door sales ? If your not, then why do you say it ?

The majority of reps say this because they feel uncomfortable with the situation and want to feel better by telling them this. Think about this for a second. Even if you aren’t bothering them, you just put in their head a negative thought that you are ! I’m serious when I say this , today when you go out knocking make it a habit to not say that simple horrible phrase that will ! and I mean will ! harm your odds of getting their attention and ultimately the sale.

#2: Is this something you want to do ? Well with that phrase you just gave them an out. There is no point in you putting all the hard work into getting a sale and not simply assuming the sale.  How hard is it to assume they really want what you have to offer ? If you can’t assume the sale then your more than likely not selling a product or service that you truly stick behind.

You see when I teach all the steps in door knocking I teach every step because they all fit together to make the sale. If you are missing pieces it is the reason your not closing more sales selling door to door. The sale has a certain flow. Know when a customer is wasting your time. Correct what you can to make your pitch sound golden and finally repeat.

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