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What’s Your Reason To Be At Their Door ? Must know this…

If you are there to just sell them something, your more than likely not going to get the sale. All good sales people have a reason why they are at their door front. It may be you have a promotion that you want to share with people who have thought about your product in the past, or it may just be your looking to upgrade older security systems, saving them money or giving them extra equipment.

Never lie, however you must have a reason why your at the door. Sure the ultimate goal is to make a sale and collect money and there is nothing wrong with that. Most newbie sales people think there is a problem with collecting money or personal information. If you been through your background check and your allowed by the authorities to be in that neighborhood, then what are you afraid of ? Understand that the worst that can happen in most cases is “Not Interested”

When you get this comment I want you to study “Why” are they telling you not interested. This is really what I dig deep and uncover in my door to door mastery program. Once you know why your customer is telling you “Not interested” you an stir up the recipe for a answer to the rebuttal.

Very few pitches go smooth. If you client has a rebuttal or doesn’t want to do business right away, trust me when I say this, the majority of times they are plain scared to say yes. I’m very good at teaching you how to over come this step because I mastered why they were telling me this.

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