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Door to Door Mastery Increase Engagement

Hello door knocking fans, what is happening?! Paul Shakuri here again with some more content just for you! Let’s get started! Now I love to excite people and get you all engaged so I want this to be the most exciting blog post you have read thus far. We will be discussing;

  1. How to move your prospect from Not Interested to Very Much Interested.
  2. The three crucial methods to counterattack the “Top Three Reasons” why your prospect will most likely be “Not Interested” and how to turn them around.
  3. The Action Plan to turn things around.
  4. How to “Increase Customer Engagement.”Why They Are Telling You This.
  5. The proper MINDSET! Its all about the mindset!

Before we dive right in I think its important that you all know some facts about me. First off, I am married with two children. My family is a blessing and they really have helped me and encouraged me in those hard times when I wanted to give up but they pushed me to achieve my goals and to stick with it. I know many of you have children and you want to provide for them, well, I am here to tell you that door to door sales can help you get the success that you want. I graduated from business-marketing and I am going, to be honest, I had my doubts when I heard I was going to be working in door to door sales. Prior to door knocking, I worked at NorthGate Industries which is a corporate job. I left that job because I was not moving up in my career. That’s when I decided I needed a change. I started off with original apex which is now known as VIVANT. I did very well in the job and was able to train others as well and I fell in love with training and teaching.

Later, I went on to move to Arizona and worked for American Alarm and it was the most unreal experience in my life. By the age of twenty-four, I had my own home, my own vehicle and as time progressed I was able to own my own security company. I then was able to create a software for my company. To date, we have over 100000 subscribers all over the world. I own FillQuick Inc. Alarm Dealer Software which has grown and is a very promising software. I am sharing all this personal information because I had no clue at the beginning where I was going to end up and I hope somewhere within that line there will be a spark in your mind that will say “if he can do it, then so can I.” Lastly, my favorite movie is dumb and dumber and I love Edmonton Oilers. Now what I need you to do is to think about the times people have told you that they were not interested! I have listed some points to keep in mind when this occurs.

 Understand Why They Are Telling You This.
 Learn to Not Take It Personally-Everyone gets rejected. You have to develop “tough skin.” You must shift the way you feel and use that as positive energy moving forward.
Must Believe You Can Overcome This.
Shift Your Thoughts on How You React When You Get Rejected.
 Be Open to The Thought That the Problem May Be Your Presentation.

 Believe me, it is not about the product or service.
 Learn to Agree with Them. After All, Why Would They Be Interested in what you have to offer unless you give them a reason as to why they should do business with you.
 Are You Acting Like a Pushover? When you knock on the door do you stand there and look vulnerable where the potential customer thinks they can get rid of you easily.

Now I am not saying become a pest but don’t be a pushover where people can walk all over you. Mark Cuban started off doing door to door sales. As a matter of fact, one of the shark tank members shared online that he just got off a plane and sold one of his belt’s door to door. I messaged him and asked him why he didn’t go out to more doors. He responded and I was amazed that he responded. The reason I’m sharing this is because we are in a time where you can talk to people you look up to and become successful yourself.

 Where and How You Should Be Standing. Very Important.
 Did they Confirm “You are a Typical Salesperson.” (Keep following my posts and I will explain more of this!)
 You Need to Change What Isn’t Working. If somethings not working for you then you have to implement some change to get a different result. You won’t lose what you did not have from the beginning. You never had the sale but once you make that change you can get that sale!
 Always remember “You Haven’t Lost What You Do NOT Have.” You know when you’re at that last moment of signing and the customer backs out?! You end up getting hurt because they do back out and you felt that you lost something that you never really had. The sale wasn’t scheduled, it wasn’t installed. You did not lose what you never had. It is all about mindset and it shouldn’t destroy your day if someone backs out of a potential sale.
Don’t Be Afraid to Fail at A Door! It’s A Win!

Understanding Not Interested

 People Don’t Want to Be Bothered
 They Are Scared of Dealing with a Stranger
 You Sound Like a “Salesperson”
 You Look Like a “Salesperson”
 They Sense All You Want to Do Is Make Money Off Them
 They Don’t Have A Clue of What Your Product/Service Really Is
 They Don’t Have Interest in What You Have to Offer
 They Don’t Like You, But They Also May Not Hate You
 They Don’t Trust You…Yet
 They Are Scared to Decide and Be Wrong
 They Haven’t Done Any Research/Due Diligence

Don’t Take It Personally

 It’s Just How the Majority Are Programmed
 Beating Yourself Up Only Affects What You Do at The Next Door
 Leads to the BULLSHIT Belief that “It Just Isn’t for You.”
You Start to Change Everything About Your Pitch
 Excitement Diminishes
 Leads to Failure, Giving Up & Quitting: I have cried twice in my life!

Once when my parents got a divorce and second when I did not make the top list for the top salesperson of the year. I felt like I wasn’t reaching my potential. I was about to throw in the towel and it was beating me up hard. I figured I would have to accept failure and just quit. But the one thing my boss said that awoke me was this “Paul are there people in the office that are doing better than you? Let me ask you is there a special light shining upon that person? He said think about it! What are these people doing that you are not doing?

I learned that what they were doing that I wasn’t was working less. They were doing less work, sounding less like a salesperson, talking slower and were getting a better result than me. I had to calm myself down and actually just talk to the potential customer. A couple weeks later I went from having no alarm sales to closing ten alarm accounts in one day and of that my last install was eleven thirty at midnight. I am telling you this because its something you need to tweak!

Shrug It Off by Remembering You Are No Different Than the Person Succeeding. It’s Just That They Are Doing Things You Are Not! Figure Out What They Are Doing and Unlock YOUR SUCCESS!

How Do You React to “Not Interested?”

 Do You Beat Yourself Up and Take It Not Personally?
 Does Your Belief Go Down About Getting A Sale?
 Do You Get Pissed Off and Frustrated?
 Do You Take Your Time in Getting to the Next Door?
 Do You Take A Break?
 Do You Jump on Your Phone?
 Do You Blame the Neighbourhood? I have knocked right after my team to prove that it is not the neighborhood. In every neighborhood there are sales.
 Do You Blame the Product or Service You Sell?
 Do You Start to Think of All the Reasons Why This is Happening to YOU

Don’t Be A Push Over

 If they sense they can easily get rid of you, THEY WILL!!!
No one wants to buy from people who aren’t confident.
Confidence builds over time but can also be turned on instantly.
 Keep your goals in mind.
Learn from your rejections
 Know that it’s a number game to start until you increase your closing ratio.
The past door has nothing to do with the next.
 Sales is the transfer of energy and emotion.
 Learn how to properly deal with people and become a better communicator.

Learn to Master This and See Instant Results. DO NOT be Rude with your prospects. Just build a backbone and learn how to verbally spare.

Know that it is a numbers game until you increase your closing ratio. The more people you approach and speak too leads to more experience. You then can close more sales because you learn from each door. Stop mentally beating yourself up if you get rejected. Move forward from door to door, do not dwell on the previous customer but learn from the experience.

How do You Turn Them Around?

You Now Have their attention and they know you aren’t a pushover.
 They are forced to listen to you.
You have to create curiosity. Sell the sizzle…

 You need to build value in what you have to offer. (The steak)
 They need to see and feel the value. Build up value with what you have to offer.
 You do a powerful presentation.

You must do a powerful presentation in order not to lose the account. Digging deep into your products, knowing what they are and how they benefit the customer is key in nailing the presentation. Also, you always agree with your customer! You then can build a relationship and from there you can discuss your product. 90% of the sale is not based on what you sell its based on how your present the product and yourself.

Always Agree with Them

 Your goal is to be on their side
Do not battle with your customer
Always Agree with Them. This puts them at ease.
 Make sure you are holding your composure. Get the air if you need it.

How Can You Fight With Someone Who Agrees with You? You see, when you do not battle with your customers you win trust, time and likeability because you agree with your potential customer. You will see this quality with top sales representatives.

Create that Curiosity

 Don’t answer right away
 Refrain from run on sentences
 Ask questions
Be assertive
 Most importantly remember that human behavior studies have revealed that humans hate not knowing what they want to know.

Did you know we have less attention span than a goldfish? I believe this is the case because of the wide range of technology which surrounds us. So how do you create that curiosity? Stand far away from the door, do not answer right away, do not sound like a typical sales person. When they answer the door wait for them to initiate the conversation! Create curiosity by not rambling and by gaining their interest. Talk slow and stay calm! Be assertive and engage with the customer with a powerful presentation. The
hooks that you implement while talking with the potential customer will determine the final result to your sale.

Create a Powerful Presentation

 In order to present a powerful presentation, you must know all your products features.
 You present to the potential customer how they can benefit from the features.
Build that relationship so they can like and trust you.
Focus on the hot buttons. This is why they BUY!

So, when their hot buttons are met and they feel they can benefit from the feature you must keep going and build that relationship.

How to Improve Customer Engagement

Use an Assertive Tone (sound with someone who has authority)
Don’t Sound too Friendly to Start
 The way to know if they are listening is to ask questions.
 If Dogs are barking, Stay Quiet! Wait for them to do something about it.

Make sure your “message” is delivered clearly and that it “makes sense”!

If a customer is not listening to you there is no point. This is why I recommend you ask questions to keep them focused and attentive to what it is you are saying. Do not talk over chaos, over dogs barking, cats running all over the place or even kids yelling. Wait! Wait for them to stop the chaos so that way they can hear what it is you are going to say to them. With this, I want to move on to something even more important and that is belief, potential, result.

Belief: If you believed with 100% that you were going to crush it selling door to door and that no matter
what happened you were going to go out there and close a sale every day, you would increase your potential and get results. Now when I say increase potential, I mean you would be using your true potential because you would be maximizing your efforts no matter the situation, the rejection or the outcome selling door to door on a day to day basis. What I mean by results is that you would get that sale. In order to achieve results, you must shift your mindset! You must use your maximum energy on every single door you knock on. You need to have an action plan and learn how to hold a meaningful conversation at the doors. You have to have high expectations! Do not settle for anything less than first place. Set your goals for a week, a month, a year. Control your emotions because they can kill you at the doors.

All of these points if implemented will increase engagement. People do not want to be bothered and that is something we have to understand as door knockers that this is one of the main reasons why you get not interested. They think that you are the person at the other side of the door that is just going to take away time, money and so on. People sense that all you might want to do is make money off of them. Well, this is where you have to build up your product and educate the customer of the benefits your product and or service will provide for them. You have to nail your presentation and provide all the necessary information, so the customer will trust in you and your product. Door to door salespeople and top door to door salespeople do two things completely different! I started at the bottom but then the process and found the solution. That’s how I moved up. Remember you have to create curiosity when you ring or knock on the door. This curiosity may not always be good but it is one of the most important ingredients. Door to door sales instantly brings about curiosity at the beginning but we tend to destroy this curiosity by certain things we do. So, own it, bring your highest energy to the doors and do your homework and you will see results.

Love you all and I want to leave off by sharing this quote “Dream Big! There are no limitations to how good you can become or how high you can rise except the limits you put on yourself.” – Brian Tracy

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