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Door to Door Mastery Increase Engagement

Hello door knocking fans, what is happening?! Paul Shakuri here again with some more content just for you! Let’s get started! Now I love to excite people and get you all engaged so I want this to be the most exciting blog post you have read thus far. We will be discussing; How to move your prospect from Not Interested to Very Much Interested.The three crucial methods to counterattack the “Top Three Reasons” why your prospect will most likely be “Not Interested” and how to turn them around.The Action Plan to turn things around. How to “Increase Customer Engagement.”Why They Are Telling You This.The proper MINDSET! Its all about the mindset! Before we dive right in I think its important that you all know some facts about me. First off, I am married with two children. My family is a blessing and they really have helped me and encouraged me …

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