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Don’t feel like knocking today? Read this !

So your demotivated, it’s hot outside, no one is going to buy from you today, the spouse is calling me, I don’t know if I can do this …. Blah blah blah !

If your a manager of sales reps I’m here to tell you that this is just a small list of things that cross the sales reps minds on a day to day basis. If your a sales rep reading this I want you to listen up !

You know the saying you either crap on the pot or get off ? Well guess what it’s true. Top sales people daily get negativity that enters their heads too ! What they do with this negativity is what sets them apart from the bottom or even average sales rep !

How bad really is your life ? How bad really is knocking ? Are you not good at knocking in doors ? Get better !

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If you cannot force yourself to work hard at finding that first sale, your more than likely not going to last at this game ! Think of yourself as a professional door to door sports knocker ! It’s true ! If you can psych yourself up prior to going out then force yourself out on turf with utmost energy and focus, your on your way to closing more deals !

Didn’t get a sale ? Stop beating your mind up and focus 95% of your time and energy on how you can increase your odds of getting a sale ! Going home to your family without a sale is what I used to do day after day until I found out what worked !

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At the end of the day if your numbers are not consistent, it only means that your trying to hard on the wrong things ! I know this to be true because when my sales really took off I actually started doing less work but more of the right things !

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