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Entrepreneurs Knock on doors… Read this

Did you know the worlds wealthiest men such as Mark Cuban, billionaire investor on the hit show shark tank knocked on doors when he first got started.

Tony Robbins multi millionaire motivational speaker.

Rich Dad pour dad’s Robert Kiyosaki

And many more as the list goes on. Each time I watch CNBC and I hear ” I started off knocking on doors which eventually led to me being wealthy” I reflect back to the truth that is in this.

Door to door sales is not hard, but it’s not easy ! Understand that if you claim your an entrepreneur then your going to have to fight through the challenges to learn door to door sales. Entrepreneurs do not quit, no matter what ! If your put to a challenge in your business, you have to find a way to make it successful no matter what it takes so long as it’s legal.

The business conditioning door to door sales has engraved in me, made life in the world of business that much easier. First off having the wealth I created from building my door to door empire and second the strength it has given me.

All professional athletes are tested at one point in their career or more whether they should push harder and continue on, or give up and settle like the rest. Just because your knocking in doors it doesn’t mean your a true entrepreneur, don’t fool yourself. Get yourself to the point where your not willing to settle, quit or bring others down and then at that point you can reflect on your success.

Get building your bank account. Don’t be cold calling selling door to door and blowing your money on mindless things. If you are knocking so you can provide a better life for tomorrow, your headed in the right direction.

Learn all you need to know in a way shorter amount of time from someone like myself who has already gone through all the ups and downs and ended up making a six figure income year over year selling door to door.

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