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What To Say In Your Opener Pitch… This might surprise you

So the question always pops up, What on earth do i tell these people to get them interested in listening to what i have to offer. What should i say. The main problem your having here is the mentality. Think about this, you want the magic words to use so that you get their interest, however no matter what you say they just aren’t letting you go further with your pitch. Lets not confuse this, here read this:

90% of what you say has nothing to do with you getting the sale

90% of how you say what you say does

10% of what you say determines the sale

Focus on how you are presenting yourself. How, How, How !

Top salespeople glow with enthusiasm. Whethere an extravert or an introvert personality both sell really well, however know when and how to push themselves in order to win their clients respect, trust and confidence.

You: ” Hey you the owner of this property ? “

Customer: Yes

You: I don’t want to take up much of your time as I’m kinda busy working with a lot of your neighbor but, did you get a chance to checkout the work that some of my technicians, delivery men, blah blah have done out here ?

Customer: No, sorry i haven’t , who are you with ?

You: Oh yea sorry i guess i should have introduced myself.

See everything i do i do it on purpose. You goal is to take happy control of your customers attention. They want you gone at first, however if you are interesting to them, they will let you get to the next step. This takes a little courage and confidence. Stop freaking beating yourself up as a knocker thinking you need to say the right things in order to get them to engage with you ! that in no way is the case. You need to have cariama ! you need to be able to take a bull by its horns and guide it to safety ! when you understand this , your sales will quadruple because everything after that is the fun parts of explaining what your product of service can do for them.

Now stop being lazy, comment below door knockers ! I personally promise to respond to all your comments, getting advise and help from a master door knocker doesn’t come every day ! its simple , if you care enough about your future to make a ton of money the right way selling door to door, you have to pay the time and educate, interact with those who have learned to master it !

stop waiting around for the sales to come to you ! get aggressive in a positive way and go close those sales ! I’m here for your education and motivation !

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  1. Mike Singleton

    Homeowners have a script the follow too, but unfortunately for them you have the advantage. You see, they don’t role play with their spouses regularly and they only talk to maybe 1-2 door knockers a year (if that.) So if you follow Paul Shakuri’s advice success and rehearse “the WHAT to say” but perfect “the HOW you say,” you will be a huge success going door to door. Work Ethic exponentially adds to your numbers as well.

    • Well said Mr.Tripleton ! They do , think about this one ppl ! How many door knockers get kids who answer the door who are trained to say “my parents aren’t home” they are scripted. Each door someone gets sold ! So you guys know Mike Singleton was and is the #1 door to door salesperson out of 1000s of door knockers in home security sales ! I remember the day he said ” Paul how many you want me to get today” , I said 9 , it was pouring rain, night time comes 11pm , Mike shows up with the 9th contract in hand ! That’s what it takes to be the top salesperson ! Who else has that heart ! Lionheart !! Congrats brother to your success and now your next journey !

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