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(D2D Sales) Why Consistency Is So Important To Future Results

What’s going on door to door master fans?! This is your boy Paul Shakuri and let’s just dive right into
the IMPORTANCE OF CONSISTENCY and why it is considered to be most ‘essential’ when selling door to door.
Now, I am going to stress this again, I am talking about consistency regarding knocking on doors! You
know that sometimes you find a way to justify that some days are not a good day to go out there and
knock. Inside your mind, you come up with what you think is a rational explanation as to why you
shouldn’t go door knocking on particular days. I am going to share with you how this could be disastrous
to your door knocking career and success in this profession. It can affect your progress and your
learning in the door to door process. If you don’t go out there consistently your going to fall and I mean

Now, I want you to follow along with the remaining of my post to learn what consistency means for a
Successful Door Knocker! You should be knocking no less than five to six days a week. This is especially
important for those who are new to the profession. If you are new, you have to go out there and learn
the process in order to become comfortable enough to close more deals. So, this is what happens to those who choose not to go out there consistently. Your CONFIDENCE LEVEL on knocking from door to door is not that high, to begin with. It is at a mid-range low! You are in the area where you are not so confident where you could be consistently going and getting more deals. What tends to happen is what I like to refer to as self-talk or self-doubt as a door knocker. Just take a moment and think about this, if you go out there and are not closing those deals then you second guess
yourself and question if you will go out there and get close to closing a deal or a few deals and that. You
begin to self-sabotage yourself.

Everyone bashes themselves at different levels. I notice that those people who really want to succeed at door knocking bash themselves! I did just that! And those that do will not succeed in comparison to the person who is just trying out door knocking. This is what’s going to kill you and paralyze you from learning the skills that I am teaching. The self-doubt the self-sabotage will stop you from closing those deals! This deters you from going out more! You’re at home and you beat yourself up so much that you did not get a sale and you stay at home. I used to do that myself, and used to think that when I stayed at home and then thought that I was a bigger piece of you know what?! This
is what I want you to remember!

1. DO NOT self-sabotage or deter yourself from going out there. Be consistent, five to six days of
door knocking a week.

2. When you become consistent you START to build stamina. You’re able to stay out there longer that
it becomes second nature.

3. Because of your ability to stay out there longer by default you do not have to fight it! You are
able to go out there and stay out longer without self-sabotaging yourself. If your default
stamina goes up, this means you will be out there longer knocking on more doors! Door to door
sales is a number game to start but not in the long run. I mean that if you actually stay out there
longer you will talk to more people and the odds of getting more sales are high! Remember
you’ re not going to get more deals playing PlayStation. If you want to make money selling door
to door you have to be consistent!

4. Your Knowledge and Skillset increases on how to close more deals when you are consistently
knocking on those doors. Why? Because you are gaining more experience and as a result your
closing ratio increases!

So, staying home today because you are “sick” means you are not pushing yourself to go out
consistently. You are coming up with excuses and that’s what’s a sick thought is. Your paycheck will be
affected by it; your family will be affected by it if you have one. I just want to equip you with what
makes sense. I want you to ask yourself, “how sick am I really?”
On that note, until the next time, live with PASSION and DON’T FORGET to comment about how you feel
about this blog post! Peace!


  1. Wow this is definitely what I needed to read! I have a bad habit of self-sabotage when it comes to confidence, but let me tell you these blogs and all videos are amazing for helping that. Thank you Paul for being the awesome teacher that you are 🙂

    • Briana your very welcome. Woooowweeeee your welcome and happy your loving and digging through the content. BTW, self sabotage is something I do as well and it makes me a better person but we have to be careful to not let it paralyze us and slow us down.. Thanks for the comment and makes me feel awesome to know that you care to take time out of your day to communicate with me. God bless you ! Amen !

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