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Defense VS Offense Selling Door to Door Training

What’s up everybody?! Paul Shakuri here and our focus on this blog is going to be on defense versus offense! So LISTEN UP! Now, I am sure you have noticed door knockers the warmth that has been coming through in your turf or surrounding area. The three major questions I get asked are;

1. Paul, how do I get consistency?
2. Paul, how do I close more sales?
3. Paul, how do I engage with my potential customers?

You are going to achieve this by having your defense and your offense! Now, picture the defense and offense as a balance beam! The majority of you are playing too much defense and not enough offense. Are you ready for that aha moment! Are you ready to say shit this guy is right, I should be listening and doing more of this stuff! In regards to defense, you guys do not have in your minds, you do not have embedded in your head that you are going to get out there on turf and make shit happen! What does this mean? Well, when you wake up you are sluggish, slow-moving, you think with low anticipation… “I have to go into the office, if I do even get out there, I don’t know if I am going to get a deal.

I understand you are not doing it on purpose. Subconsciously that is what is going on in your brain, you are playing a defense tactic, you are in defense mode. Your brain is protecting you from feeling a negative emotion of coming home with ZERO sales! Not reaching target! Being left behind and not being able to pay your bills! Being consciously aware that this is happening is the first step in eliminating this major problem! This will tip that balance beam and bring you more over to the offense side.

The reality is this! The Top door knockers that have acquired the level and skills to turn potential customers into clients, they have built that knowledge and that mindset to take that risk and jump on the Offense! Whereas, others have the knowledge but their mindset, their subconscious prevents them from moving from defensive mode mindset to offensive mode. Is it getting too complicated? The message I am trying to send to you is that you have your mindset set in defensive mode. You also have the knowledge and know how to present yourself to the potential customer. You’re going to be knocking on doors over and over again. I am going to tell you to get to the top is going to take some time, some consistency!

How do we further tip that balance beam to the offensive side? Well, DO NOT BE OVERLY FAKE! Some of you tend to get uncomfortable at the doors, a little shy and try to compensate by being overly polite, overly fake! Now, I am NOT saying do not be polite! Just don’t overdo it! The reason, customers are going to read right through your ass! When you say ‘how is it going, sir?’ Do you actually care about every person’s day that you knock on the door? I don’t! And you can fight me all you want to on this! It’s bullshit to start your pitch with ‘how is it going?’ Potential customers know it is bullshit!

You sound like a typical Sales Person and you are back on the defensive mode! I immediately get into what I need in my Opener Pitch! I jump right into that offensive mode! My number one goal is to care for the person on the other side and also dig and brew up a conversation on the other side! Getting the sale is not my number one goal! If you do it the right way, then sales will chase you! They will chase you! Believe in yourself one hundred percent, in what your selling, in what you’re doing! You have to go out there and stand damn strong! I was scared too but I made it a challenge to build that strength! You know how they say “build that thick skin?!” Stand strong! Don’t be a pushover! If someone tells you to get the ‘F***’ off my property, I am still going to be respectful! But I am not going to thank them for kicking me off their property! I will address the disrespectfulness and simply tell the person that if they
don’t want to talk to me that’s fine but that there is no need for the attitude! I then would start a conversation about the horrendous experiences with past sales representatives the customer has had! I was able to build that overtime!

Understand and identify the defensive guard! Commit and build that strength to get to the offensive side and to keep that composure! Remember you are not a piece of shit! You’re an entrepreneur! How many people do you know go out there and actually knock on doors like you do? We are a special breed! You are a special breed! You are getting out there and talking to people who aren’t willing too! You treat them with respect and you make sure they treat you with respect! If someone’s not respectful, move forward, there are tons of other houses! Don’t ever disrespect people and don’t ever let people disrespect you! If they do, don’t let that one piece of shit eat you alive! If you do you will be in defense mode because you will be harvesting that negative experience! Play offense! If you are on turf right now, get out there and get on offense! Sell ethically!

Today life changes! The more Sales you get the happier the customers are! The happier you are! The happier your company is! The more your business Grows! The more people you help out and that’s why we choose door to door sales!

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