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Are You Passionate About What You Are Selling? … 2 Things To Get Excited About When Selling

Let me start off by asking you this. Explain to me in detail what your products features are? if you cannot shout out the features without thinking about it, you need to study your features of your product or service. Believe me i know a lot will read this and be confused as to what exactly is my features. Features are the “things” that your product or service and do. I buy a BMW car because it can:

  • drive quick
  • look luxurious
  • last longer than average car
  • handle well
  • the engine size
  • and so on and so forth.

I sold home security door to door because i liked the features it had. Here are a few listed:

  • Loud Siren
  • Two way voice
  • Cellular technology
  • Monitoring
  • remote push button activation
  • yard sign outside the house
  • door sensors 
  • motion sensors

Now that we know the features, which btw there are a ton more, how can i benefit from these features:

Loud Siren: if sleeping at night and a burglar tries to open a window, or door, this will alert me and deter the burglar, also causing massive distraction and fear for the bad guy !

Two way voice: In the case something happens on the medical side with my mom who is at an old age, she will have a representative communicate directly over the keypad.

Cellular technology: No need for a home phone in order for the alarm to still work. Burlgar cuts the phone line, alarm still works. Yes this has happened in the past !

Monitoring: Not only will an alarm sound, but the system is monitored to a live representative who will contact you, meaning you know exactly what is happening and the local authorities will be contacted. Someone will show up to your property (make sure you know your jurisdiction) !

Remote push button activation: no need to walk up to the keypad anymore. When in your car or in your bed, simply turn it on or off. Also good on the medical side.

Yard sign outside the house: Huge deterrent for burglars. They see this they don’t want to tamper with a home that has an alarm, in my own opinion.

Door sensors: Alerted every time a child opens or closes a door. Have a pool ? this can protect and save lives ! Yes it does happen sadly.

Motion sensors: Away from the home? with this sensor if someone smashed the window and came into the house, this sensor would detect and activate the alarm to sound the siren and call the monitoring station.

Now that we understand that, listen up closely !

After listing your features and befits of what you are selling, does that get you excited? Do you like what your product or service can offer? Here is the key

If your not passionate about what you are selling, Find something else to sell ! The quicker you understand that the faster you will make money. Sales is the transfer of energy and emotion. Most people aren’t passionate about what they are selling because

1) they don’t even know or understand completely what they are selling

2) never take the time out of there not so busy lives to research what they are selling

3) hope that what they are selling will work, instead of finding a way to make it work

4) Aren’t getting compensated well enough per sale to be excited about what they are selling. 

Read this article over and over, get comfortable with what i talked about. If it doesn’t make sense please comment and i will personally respond to what you have said !

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