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Are You Passionate About What You Are Selling? … 2 Things To Get Excited About When Selling

Let me start off by asking you this. Explain to me in detail what your products features are? if you cannot shout out the features without thinking about it, you need to study your features of your product or service. Believe me i know a lot will read this and be confused as to what exactly is my features. Features are the “things” that your product or service and do. I buy a BMW car because it can: drive quick look luxurious last longer than average car handle well the engine size and so on and so forth. I sold home security door to door because i liked the features it had. Here are a few listed: Loud Siren Two way voice Cellular technology Monitoring remote push button activation yard sign outside the house door sensorsĀ  motion sensors Now that we know the features, which btw there are a ton …

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