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What To Do When The Neighborhood Has Been Knocked Already…. A Sales Reps Nightmare Another Ones Treasure

Coming from the largest knocked neighborhood Arizona, trust me when i say this, turf is turf. I know everyone wants fresh turf where no one has been before but stop and think about it, does that really exists ? The sales people that understand the concept that people will buy no matter what conditions, so long as you present the right product to the right person at the right time are the sales people that outperform any market.

I do however believe that there are certain neighborhoods and geographic locations that are better than others, just based on results however do not limit yourself to only finding and picking these places because the realities are you don’t know until you knock it.

When managing a team of over 100 sales reps i often times heard, “this neighborhood is beat” and “everyone has heard the pitch” ! To their astonishment i would show them that you can use this to your advantage. I made it a duty of mine to prove it to my reps that i could close a deal really quick in these neighborhoods, just so they eliminate the barrier in their mind that was restricting them. You see more often you don’t realize the number one thing that is stopping you as a salesperson is your inability to eliminate all the negative thoughts that go through your head. These thoughts i love to call excuses. As humans we don’t like to be wrong ! Before starting the job or the day you already had a thought in your mind that this career might not possibly work out for whatever it is you thought. When faced with challenges and obstacles knocking on doors your mind wants to be right by giving yourself excuses and reasons why your not getting the results of sales. In reality if you can fight that what i just explained every single day, you will be a top sales person. Top sales people in door to door sales believe in what they are doing and what they are selling. Make it a habit to fight those thoughts and just believe.

When you believe you can do something with 100% certainty you put a lot more energy and efforts into focusing on what to do in order to generate your result, which in this case is a sale. Bottom line is neighborhoods that you believe has been pounded, only means that people are somewhat aware of what your company has to offer. Think about it, that means that you got yourself free advertisement. Imagine if the large companies that advertise on tv thought ah the ads at the Superbowl have been pounded, people don’t want to watch them. Now more than ever people are fighting to watch the Superbowl ads, or even ads in general because the newer companies are advertising in a different way, being different hence capitalizing on the market share. Be different and you will close sales that others didn’t.

A large factor that helps you close more sales that other people knocked is the truth that a lot of people who were made aware of your company, product and or service have been thinking of taking your company up on the offer but still haven’t made that step. I closed a ton of deals with this strategy.

Customer: Ya you know what we thought about it the last time the sales person came by can you just re explain i to us. I still get that same offer ?

This is how i closed more sales than the average rep, yet another tool in my door to door sales strategy !

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  1. Love these post. I would call this one “Don’t knock it til you knotck it” lol. I’m a member. I’m still struggling right now but have only been selling home alarms for 3 weeks now. I know I will get better with practice. Wish I could meet you in person. Do you ever come to San Diego, CA?

  2. Btw thanks for all you do

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