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4 Things You are Doing Wrong with Your Opener Pitch

What is going on door to door mastery fans?! You are going to want to read this blog post! There are four simple tweaks to your opener pitch that I am going to show you how to do! Also, I am going to show you what you are doing wrong. This will help you progress to that second step in your sales, your features, and benefits. The first thing you are doing wrong is talking way too quick. You need to slow down the way you communicate with your customer. Keep in mind that you still have to communicate in a logical manner where the customer will still understand what it is you are saying.

Now, the next error found in your opener pitch is sounding like a typical sales person. How many people sound like a typical salesperson at the door. How many of you sound scripted? What you can do to not sound scripted is to bring the level of speed to a slow pace so your mind can catch up to you talking. So, when you actually slow down and engage with the customer you get more of a positive response. “First of all are you the homeowner? Or, you may need your spouse here to make the decision! Let me ask you
this, do you know many of your neighbors out here? You start asking questions while slowing down your pitch! This will help you progress through to the opener pitch. Remember, you will not get this right away! Some might, but the mass majority of people need to practice a few times before the concept is registered and makes sense to them. Then you must try and implement these teachings. I go into more detail in my free video series and in my Masterd2d.com program.

Enthusiasm! Do you sound enthusiastic at the doors or do you not sound enthusiastic at the doors?! I do not mean wild and crazy enthusiasm like whoa! Heehaw! Bam! I mean enthusiastic as how bad do you want that sale! How enthusiastic are you about conversing and engaging with your customer? “Let me ask you how well do you know about my company?” Are you enthusiastic about your company? Do you love what you are doing? If you don’t, perhaps you are in the wrong field. Now, I know door to door
sales may not be as excited at the beginning but do you have that drive? Do you have that passion? If you do, you will progress and close more sales. Surround yourself with a positive environment and attitude. This will get you to the top seller’s list!

Finally, its that drive meter that I like to push towards. On a level from one all the way to ten, where are you at when you are knocking? Where are you at with every single door and how does it shift? What do I mean, number one being the least, number ten being the highest amount of enthusiasm, potential, energy? One being the lowest, ten being the highest. When I coach, I usually get a sales rep that gives themselves a six or a five. You can boost up your self-esteem by using double your excitement, double
your energy, double your enthusiasm at the next door. Build it inside your head because you are in control with how many sales you are going to close. You are in control with how many people you are going to talk to and who you want to do business with. When you engage, find something to connect with your customer. Perhaps, they have a vehicle you admire or a piece of art on their lawn. Connecting with them will make them want to trust you, like you and eventually do business with you! I keep saying it and I am never going to stop saying it, always knock with passion! “Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.”- John Wayne

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