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4 Fundamental Steps To Closing Sales From Start To Finnish

Steps i will cover in this article are:

1) The Opener

2) Build Value

3) Close The Sale

4) Work Referrals

I get it you want to close more sales because you want to make money. How come you are working so hard only to get rejected over and over again? Did you get recruited with the fixed belief that you will go out there and close hundreds of sales your first week? perhaps month ? Look aside from all the hype that people have told you, I’m here to give you the solid true facts. Get this straight, there is a ton of money in door to door sales, you just have to find the right product or service to sell, and you have to master your steps.

What i cannot do is tell you what to sell. What works for you might not work for me. We all share different passions about what we like and love. Regardless of what you choose to sell make sure that you always go with a happy balance of what you like to what pays well. I never sold anything i wasn’t going to make a lot of money door to door. I also never sold anything that i didn’t stick behind either to make a dollar. The one thing i can tell you is when i found what i loved to sell and what paid well, i made the magic happen and here is how.

The opener: make sure that you understand that not everyone will want to talk to you. Your personality will have a lot to do with whether or not you will be successful in your opener pitch. A lot of you are people who can’t even get a job else where so you got into a door knocking job because they were the only ones who will hire you. If you aren’t personable, don’t do door to door sales, trust me. Im not being rude, I’m just laying out the solid facts. Yea you will make sales but you won’t be able to get a ton. My goal is to teach you to close a ton. On the rare case i have seen people who are not that personable break their shell, not often but i have seen it and make a lot of money because the “want’ was so bad that they were willing to change their personality around. Having said that, when someone opens the door, know that they don’t want you there in that spare moment however it is your goal to win their love and show them who you really are and what you represent. Ease them and don’t just sound like the typical sales person.

Build Value: Every product or service can benefit someone in some particular way. It is your duty as a sales person to break out the manual or ask your manager about what you product can do for your potential customers. Like art, it cannot really be taught, you must be able to use mental imagery to paint solid pictures in your customers heads about why taking your product or service can change their life. By adding your product or service to their life, they will not only have a better, safer life but actually benefit from what they are acquiring. Why on earth would someone take what you have to offer just to give you a commission ? they are not donating to a charity when buying from you, understand that please !

Close The Sale: Always be closing the sale, your a shark, your looking for the throat, wait sharks don’t go for throat , anyways zone in, stop being so shy or scared to ask for the sale. The worst way one can ask is “So is this something you would be interested in” ? if thats how you ask, just head to the next door. Proper way is to assume EVERYONE, and yes i mean EVERYONE says yes, and until they tell you NO enough times, without you being a pest, move on. So Mr So and So , having said that can you see yourself benefiting from our solar panels on your roof ? Being that we will be covering the cost of the panels and all you need to take care of is allowing us to lower your monthly electricity bill, “chuckle” what time would be best for you to have this installed ?

Im never afraid to ask. They won’t always tell you yes, however at this point they will tell you whats on their minds.

Ask For Referrals: referrals are free money from people who already did business with you. Like i said before if your selling the right product and your finding the right customers and doing the right job without lying to the people you are selling, Frick your customers will refer you their friends. People always wonder how i made so much money in the industry, my answer is i simply didn’t let rejection get to me, i kept pushing through following my simple to use strategy.

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  1. I’ll put it to the test tomorrow. Guess I’ll be working on mastering the opener and build curiosity. Getting engage with them. The concept is very new to me, so I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

    Thanks mate.

    • Algren , your are a powerhouse !! Believe me when I say this, the key is be fun at the door , people these days want to do business with people they feel comfortable with. You gots this

  2. Yeah main! Last Saturday went a hell of a lot better! (Is that correct English??) I didn’t got any sales though, lol! However, I had fun AND good conversation. More interaction, more engagement. So the improvement it there. I struggled with the close. And seriously, I did asked “So is this something you would be interested in” Literally. But today I learned, thanks to your 3th video, that you have to Assume yes all the time until they say no.

    Funny, that was also in this article. I thinks it’s a lot of information to handle directly. You have to internalize step by step. Glad I read this article for the second time. Upcoming I’ll have my 3th day at work.

    So, thanks Paul. I’m shifting gears and the change is already occurring.!

    The Netherlands
    Recruiting contributors for Unicef

    • Your so very welcome. Yes it takes time. Know that people will not say yes in the close unless you did a strong presentation of your product in your features/benefits. When you have a customer that is really loving that step, the close is as simple as …. What time will be best for you ….. Your freaking awesome my Netherlands brother from the other side !!! Yaaaaa

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