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What Should Be Sold Door To Door | Its More Than Just Selling Anything … And Here Is Why

Door to door sales is not strictly about going door to door to make a sale. Like any sport there is skill and strategy involved. When sitting with clients i first analyst whether door to door sales is good for their business or not. How could door to door not be good for ones business ? after all it costs nothing to go door to door and typically you send sales people out on 100% commission right ? in this article i will answer that in detail.

I want to start off by explaining what i learned as a marketer. At a young age i believed it was important to get your offer out to as many people as you can so that eventually the right eye will see what you have to offer and buy your product. In business, and especially these days it no longer works that way. Back in the old days when traffic and ads were cheap you can afford to do that and still make your campaign profitable. Fast forward to today where we are in a fast paced high competition state it does not work because you return will not out perform your expense. The way to do it right is to get the right eyes, hence targeted to see what you have to offer. If i were to take Hockey jerseys to a football game and try to sell them there, the amount of people that would buy my jerseys will be terrible. Now if i were to take that same jersey, say it is the Pittsburgh Penguins jersey and sell it at a hockey game, my return will be so much more especially if I’m selling it at a game that the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing and in their home town.

Why is this Important and how does it relate to door to door sales. There are a few strategies when selling door to door if you are the owner.

  1. You can canvas yourself
  2. You can hire a team of sales people to canvas

Canvasing Yourself

Ya, you herd me startup companies get out there the sun is shinning, your neighborhoods love you go talk to people and find out if there is a market for people wanting to transact with you. The way to do this is to always follow my step by step formula taught in my free video series

  1. Master Your Opener
  2. Explain Your Features And Benefits
  3. Close The Sale

Hire A Sales Team

Another way to do it is to hire a sales team to do this for you. Most great leaders lead by example so i always recommend mastering the art yourself then showing a sales force how to do it for your select product or service you are selling. This process is very tricky but the more you do it the better results you will get. Hiring sales people to sell door to door can be tricky and even myself be difficult. I have managed to grow an army of sales people because of a few things.

  • I was committed to grow it
  • My sales team new exactly what they were getting paid
  • They knew the growth potential in detail
  • I am a people person
  • Enthusiastic
  • Motivator

The above is what is some of what is required to have a powerful, successful sales team. In my program i teach more in detail about the 9 years of building a solid team so if you are interested in learning more, go through the free video series and then you can gain access to the program.

What Should I Be Selling Door To Door

Now to the complete meat of the article. Canvasing door to door is about having the right product or service. As explained above you can do it yourself or hire a sales force to do it for you. If you are doing it yourself and have the wrong item you are selling your going to burn yourself out. Think you can hire a sales team and they won’t get burnt out? good luck, if you the owner can’t do it what make you think someone who doesn’t care about your business can. Here is the key

Pick a product or service that deals or ideally qualifies almost every customer at the door. When dealing with a home security system, sales people look for home owners that own a house ! This is perfect for door to door sales because they are dealing with the target audience. When selling cable or satellite door to door, this is true as well, people who watch TV in their home. Pest control, solar and as you can see the pattern this is why these products work.

Now lets think about a product that doesn’t work. A hockey jersey ! while going door to door would get you a few sales, its not maximizing your potential. How many people would you find that even like hockey knocking on a door, yet alone the team jersey you are selling. You see door knocking is hard, its not easy and only the strong survive. If your lowering your odds of closing a sale, selling door to door then your setting yourself up for failure. There is no point trying to work so hard to get someone interested in your hockey team, its way to much work when you could be focusing on closing more sales, selling a product or service with a higher yield.

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