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How To Build Curiosity When Selling Door To Door

Curiosity? what is it? did you know that as a professional blogger my goal is to create curiosity off the bat in this blog post so that i can get you to read the whole article? Its a fact of life as a sales person. Curiosity kills. Most people spill the beans right when the customer opens the door, leaving nothing but “not interested” and a door slammed in their face.

To build curiosity, you need to know what it is your building curiosity for. Most sales people believe they have to build curiosity in their product when in reality this is not what you should be doing. I break curiosity down in two steps:

  1. Build curiosity in what you are doing at their door step
  2. Build curiosity in what you are offering aka product/service
  3. Build curiosity in what your offer is, meaning price !

What you are doing at their door step

So if you haven’t already opted in to get my free video series, i highly recommend you watch my opener pitch that breaks down in detail the importance of the opener. Get it Free Here ! the reason why your on their door step is the #1 peak curiosity point that they want to know. Most potential customers off the bat are thinking is it a door to door sales person, or perhaps a religious door knocker ? the second they open the door and YUP sure enough you are, of coarse your going to get “NOT INTERESTED !”  My goal in this step is to teach you that you need to buy time to get the customer to think your not just a typical sales person, and your not just doing what they believe your doing which is sales and only that. If you do not have a product or service that delivers tremendous value to the home owner, you should be selling at the door. Most people sell products and services that they use themselves and want customers to see eye to eye, only to get rejected over and over again. Why does this happen? is there anything you can do to over come it ? Yes, but not with every customer !

So to sum this all up, think of a reason, not a lie why you are out there. An Example in the homes security niche selling door to door is:

me: ” Hey there are you the home owner ?

customer : yes

me: ” Have you seen our trucks up and down the streets here in your neighborhood ? “

customer: “Ummm , which trucks ?”

so stop and think about that ? curiosity … remember the goal here is to create curiosity not to sell them your product. Understand that door to door sales is a science. It is a step by step process. When you win small battles it ultimately gets you the sale. In this example instead of them now thinking i am just the typical sales person, now they are curious to know what trucks and what company i am with. I am not lying, i have worked that neighborhood and many times my installer trucks have gone up and down the streets.

What you are offering aka “product/service”

Your customer at this point generally will know what you are selling, whether it would be home security, pest control, satellite, cable, books or even solar. You have there attention and its your time to shine. Break out the cards and explain to them what you are offering them, equipment, or the actual service itself. Your goal here is to be enthusiastic and passionate about what you are selling since you already have their curiosity. This is where having your features and benefits memorized and a part of your nature, again taught in my free video series is very important.

Stop and think about this, if they are curious, they are listening ! you know i always teach the first battle to win is to get there interest, have them remotely curious in you and what you have to offer. In hockey just because your on a breakaway it doesn’t mean your going to score that goal ! there are still steps involved. Good news is were well on our way to closing more sales, selling door to door. Be clear on what you are offering, exactly what they will get if they decided to want to do business with you. Just because you speaking it doesn’t mean they are listening or comprehending. here is what you want to accomplish

  1. Speak with clarity
  2. Make sure they are listening
  3. Make sure they understand the offer by asking them

simple 3 steps will help drive your sales through the roof. Most sales people i know just keep talking hoping to hear a yes. It doesn’t work. Get your customer engaged.

What your offer is, meaning price

So now they know what they would get if the chose to say yes but what exactly will they pay. There is a difference between them thinking they know what they will pay, and them being confident that they know exactly what they will pay. If you customer does not know the following, then forget it they will not take your product or service !

“I know i will pay $40 per Month for 36 months and then i am automatically Month-to-Month”

see most sales reps assume because they said it, that the customer knows and believes it. You have nothing to hide ! don’t be afraid to explain the details to the customer, know why there is a contract if there is one, explain that the company needs to make their money back somehow, but in the process you get this amazing offer.

You see in the solar industry currently selling solar door to door there are lease options now where customers do not have to pay anything for the installation, the solar panels or the permit fees ! they even get free monitoring, however sales people are not explaining to the homeowner the reason why companies such as solar city (SCTY) are able to do this. These large companies invest their own money and investors money upfront, in return to make residual income in the future. It really is a win win situation for the sales person, customer and the company.

Having said all that, don’t give up on door knocking, its  your ticket to making large amounts of money over short periods of time, leaving room for you to invest the money, pay off debt and even college or university. Like always stay subscribed and write your comments about this article below and i will personally reply.

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  1. I have a hard time talking about the details. Since I’m recruiting contributors for charity, a common objection is that they rather send out for a one time larger gift than a monthly lower amount. Than again, I never really talked about the details. And, I don’t assume the close haha.

    Now I have to work on being more honest and clear about the terms and have more confidence in it.

    • Don’t jump steps , focus on the cause of what your doing. Donations , people think scam , if it’s not which I’m sure it is not , your goal is to build TRUST more than anything. Focus on that and they will donate

  2. Thank you for these great blogs. I must admit that I have been stuck at stale mate no sale mode for couple months. I have no desire to give up yet. I really can’t afford your sale education coarse. But I am using all the info here I can find. The mind set, you nailed it. Yes I have been victim of the “no we are not interested” negative mind play. I have prayed and hoped for a sale. I have even had anxiety so bad that I couldn’t get out of my car. So after reading today about creating interest….I knew that step but I didn’t know what to say…I have been getting bored with the same verbiage at every door. Till today, I ran across…are you the home owner? And have your u seen our trucks in and around your neighborhood? “I sell cable and we are updating our system from one company to another” Then I was able to say why I was there and it worked!! My first person I spoke to I got the sale!!! She even said that someone else had been there couple months ago. Well that there opened my door!! I asked all kinds of questions to the point what’s holding you back from saving 100.00 a month? So..just wanted to say thank you Paul for restoring my faith in myself.

    • Your very welcome Ann. Ya, your not the only one stuck don’t worry thats a thing of the past.

      Yes, grab whats free until you have the courage to throw the program on the card and pay it off in 30 days from your cc company…

      I sense fear is your stop… Thats killing you, I help you get the courage to break those chains and see results. When you do more often, you start to get better engagement from your clients.

      BTW, never quit. Your designed to win and build. Not interested is telling you something. Prayers through Jesus Christ is my daily activity.

      BTW cable is something everyone wants, you just need to give them a reason to switch or connect… Great question asking them what will hold them back I LOVE IT and as such your getting results.

      All grace and glory go to Jesus for giving me the strength and the voice to teach ethical door to door sales.. Thank you for being amazing and a blessing, God bless you always..

      Please update comment so I know your progress or email me … I want to hear from you.

  3. I door knock life insurance and so far am having a tough go…..well sort of…….Ive come to find out that I’m a natural at building rapport but have absolutely no skill at transitioning back into presentation or why I’m there Mode…… I start with good afternoon I’m X and I’m associated with x out of “our town”…..I’m currently out introducing myself and making myself a resource to the community. I usually then strike up a 10-15 minutes that feels like a huge waste of time even though I am at least passing on a business card and a flyer with our financial strength……any insight would be great?

    • Do you enjoy life insurance? me personally I don’t. Cant get excited about that carp :0 But if you do thats fine. With life insurance you need to really take it in a different way. It’s a sit down and explanation type of sale. Do not talk 10-15 min convo if you don’t get the signs that you spiked interest in them wanting to hear more… You need qualifying questions as explained in my full mastery program.

      Quick example:

      I had a client who purchased life insurance through me who wanted it because XYZ, btw, is there a reason you can think of, anything that would in the case of an unseen even help you out if you were covered?

      Well… I mean I don’t think anything bad’s going to happen, so no…

      Gotcha, I agree, heres the reality right, “i’m open to the possibility that something can to me” let me explain, and for this reason, I along with (drop names) decided to cover themselves with this package… btw, having that coverage , if it didn’t take food off the table would mean this…

      BOOM, stuff like this, this is just me flying off the top of my head, in the moment you learn how to verbally spare as I teach.

      Too many sales people ramble but never make any sense to the potential client and thats why they don’t buy… get confirmation from them that what your saying, your progressing towards that dotted line ! Boom

  4. I don’t think this works anymore. Tried it out on the field (I represent NRG, a supplier) but all of Illinois knows what’s up and have heard almost every pitch. I used to get 6-12 sales per day and that number has dropped. Other top agents I know have had the same experience. What would you recommend?

    • What you mean it doesn’t work ? its not like its a script … building curiosity is different with everyone … you have to learn how to … it works and people are getting unreal results.. why ? they wont listen to you unless you peak curiosity … if you tell them who you are and what your doing right away they know it all and they say good bye …

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