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The Resistance Points In A Sale – How To Break Through It…. simple steps explained

Lets start off by explaining what the resistance is. Door knocking can be challenging for most because they don’t understand the resistance. Why are people telling you NO ? do they really not want what you have to offer? starting off i couldn’t tell you how many times i knocked on doors, only to go back to same homes and see another company or salesperson close a sale where a customer told me they weren’t interested. Where they really not interested ? could i have closed them ? all these things went though my mind. To better know me, I’m a thinker of why people do what they do, i love knowing why, why  why because in my business experience i noticed that if i found out why people do what they do i can deliver a solution and i would get paid. Here is the post:

The first thing you need to know is What is the resistance point? Door knocking and communicating your message to your potential customer can get complicated if not done right. For simplicity sake because i do love keeping things simple, the resistance point is the point where customers actually start listening and being open to what you have to offer. The mass majority of customers you and i talk to don’t get past this point and hence they end the conversation quick. When you open your pitch and start talking the following factors are added in your resistance that the customer has:

1) i don’t know who this sales person is

2) i don’t want to pay extra money for what he has to offer

3) how dare he/she bother me in my spare time

4) this person came on to my property

5) obviously this person wants to make a sale

6) can i even trust this person

7) even if we bough that I’m sure there are many more fees attached or hidden things

Now if there is one main blog post you should read over and over it surely would be this one folks. This resistance are all the things (for the most part) that go through customers minds when you start off pitching. How is it that you are shocked that customers tell you not interested off the bat and dot let you progress with your sale. the good news ?

It doesn’t have to be hard. Think about this, door knocking requires personality, persuasion, and knowing when to let the customer feel like they are in control and when you should grab ahold of the situation and gain control. Most people think money is the number one reason why people tell them no. It really isn’t, the number one reason people tell you not interested in door knocking is because VALUE ! they don’t see themselves benefiting from what you have to offer.

Having said that, if you don’t break the barriers mentioned above, do you think they will be open to listening to what you have to offer with an open mind ? absolutely NOT !

Thats why i say door knocking is comprised of steps, to better learn the steps, register to get my FREE VIDEO COURSE and see how simple the 3 step process really is.



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