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How To Deal With The Thought Of Not Wanting To Go Out And Work | Special Twist To Your Career

Often times I hear sales people tell me:

  • They are not feeling good
  • They don’t think they can make it into work today
  • I have errands to do
  • My grandpa or grandma needs me

and all the other ridiculous excuses i hear. I know many of you reading this will be thinking “Paul I just cant stay focused” ! I know because i dealt with thousands of sales people that thought they wanted to change but never did, and only a select few that actually wanted change and did. There is a rep that used to come to me day in and day out to all my training courses for 3 months straight, his sales were at 1-3 a month. His name was Josh, i would ask him, why are you continuing to do this job when you can go make more money else where, however you still show up to all the trainings. What he said would shock you.

Paul, I’m going through real tough times, i fight trying to get my mind to be able to focus, its a divorce. The reason i am not able to collect more sales is because i give up easy, i don’t fight for sales, and i lack the knowledge, hence why I’m here. I was amazed to hear the key as to why he wasn’t selling without having to work it out of him. Most people go out and have no clue why they aren’t selling, thinking it is something wrong with them and that it cannot be fixed. Josh later went on to tell me that he is slowly detoxing his mind from all the trauma that was caused by his previous marriage and when that was over he would then know exactly how to sell because he was coming to all my training classes. It was a matter of 3 months, and i recall the day he looked like a new man. He didn’t waste time in the detox phase he learned, he listened to all i had to say, soaked it up, went out and was on a rampage. From 1-3 sales in a month to 5-6 massive sales in a week. Its amazing how much of a difference you can make in your sales by learning how to take control of your thoughts.

Taking control of your mind requires you to sometimes take a few steps back. Summer programs do not help out with this because

1) you start off at a certain time

2) the pressure to sell over a short period of time doesn’t help

3) long hours in the field

The summer program company can care less about your problems, they only want you to produce and nothing more, if your not producing your leaching the companies resources and bringing other people down. Don’t take this in a bad way, its just the reality, its plain business. Just because you failed one summer because you weren’t prepared it doesn’t mean you cannot

a) gear up for next summer

b) find a year round company that pays well

If your not wanting to go out and work, every single day there are a few things you can do ! Always remember the reason why you started knocking in the first place. If you don’t have a good enough reason like making $100,000+ and actually believing it is real or knowing it will change your life, its going to be harder for you to fight through. Learn to take each day 1 day at a time. Learn how to love it and only deal and talk with people who are polite to you. Never allow people to be rude to you and tell you to get the f#$k off their property without talking yourself back up. People are just people, sales are just sales, the more you do it the better you get the more comfortable you are at the doors. Door to door sales is all about comfort level, when your extremely comfortable at the doors, your tolerance to rejection increases, the amount of rejection decreases and the number of sales increase.

In reality when all this happens, the thought of not wanting to go out and work, fades away and turns into “How many deals am i going to find today” ! It truly is a great feeling. To learn more helpful tips in depth join my members area with the crew here


  1. Thanks for the tips.i so need it out hear
    I’m in the storm restoration business and it’s booming yet alot of sales reps don’t see the potential of it! But that’s my side job till i get my life insurance off the ground.

  2. Great feed Paul!

    I recently changed Campaign from Bell to ADT and struggling with the change process. I know I need more time to learn about the product and how to properly position its benefits to potential customers. I am having a difficult time as a dealer partner adjusting to this new industry. I met Chris Lue and he’s such a fantastic guy, what advise can you I’ve me at this stage cos I want to make it work. I have made about 96k in 2016 doing indirect sales and hit over 20k in commissions only doing Bell Campaign Irwin 7-8months. I really want to make over 100k+ income doing door to door. I hear a lot of people say it is possible, I want to experience it!

    I do not feel comfortable at this new security campaign especially when knocking on doors because I have no experience in selling security products and usually I mess up during presentation. I forgot to mention that I’m on a dealer partner program.

    Pls help

    • Thanks and smart move switching to ADT … ADT is bad ass… Its a work in progress.. Chris Lue is the bomb.. .Bro you need to work on becoming better every day. I guarantee you don’t work on personal development and knock on 100+ doors a day. Thats the problem to start. As you know AlarmGuard is my client and you have access to my trainings where I can help develop and grow you. reach out to them and get in contact with me TODAY ! don’t wait another minute. I’ll break down everything you need to get you a closing machine. Your going to have to put the work and effort in, there is no other way !

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