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How To Deal With The Thought Of Not Wanting To Go Out And Work | Special Twist To Your Career

lazy door knocker

Often times I hear sales people tell me: They are not feeling good They don’t think they can make it into work today I have errands to do My grandpa or grandma needs me and all the other ridiculous excuses i hear. I know many of you reading this will be thinking “Paul I just cant stay focused” ! I know because i dealt with thousands of sales people that thought they wanted to change but never did, and only a select few that actually wanted change and did. There is a rep that used to come to me day in and day out to all my training courses for 3 months straight, his sales were at 1-3 a month. His name was Josh, i would ask him, why are you continuing to do this job when you can go make more money else where, however you still show up …

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