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If You Can’t Prepare Your Expectations… Don’t Do Door To Door Sales

How much do you need to make this year? Again in previous posts i explained you need to find a door to door company that pays well, selling small ticket items wont get you there.

I always say if your not planning on making a six figure income year after year i personally believe door knocking is not worth it. Whether your selling home security systems, pest control or even solar door to door, you need to keep this post in mind.

Getting back into the door to door game makes me know i have to set expectations and break down the details. Such details entail

Number of sales
Number Of Working days
Monthly Targets ( $ volume, sales volume )
Overhead costs ( If spending money on marketing to get leads )

Most average sales people just go out on a day to day basis hoping they will get a sale with no guidance in mind. Not tracking your progress or setting up goals is a recipe for disaster. Say you go out your first month of knocking and get 10 sales. The questions you need to ask yourself are

1) are you on target to hit your goals
2) does the pay per sale match your targets

see when selling solar commissions are in the thousands, so getting 5 sales at say $2000 per sale would mean $10,000 that month. Know that in solar sales it takes longer to get the deal to go through and get paid on meaning if you keep working one day the sales will over pour and consistent money will come in. With Home security sales you definitely can make a lot of money by continuing to sell and get paid less per sale but possibly have more sales in a week and a month. Times change and people are now looking more and more for solar systems. I am currently a believer in solar, pest control and home security.

My goal year after year is to be in the high $300,000 revenue so this means volume and $/sale must be high. I know in order to achieve such high level of success I must be determined to not quit on days i want to, and turn negativity into positivity knowing the ore people i talk to the more deals i will close. When you start it will all be a numbers game, however when you get better at what you do, you can speak to less people close more sales meaning work more and close more sales selling door to door.

At the end of the day if you have no expectations on a weekly, monthly and yearly scale your daily will be filled with much failure i promise you that. Also i need you to think in advance what it is you want to do with your money. Where do you want to invest ? Perhaps you want to save it. Whatever you decide to do make sure you get closing sales as your the reason this economy is turning around !

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