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Unleash The Emotions That Are Controlling Your Outcome…. Success Can Be Around The Corner

Now unlike other posts where I teach you step by step how to knock on doors and close more sales selling door to door, this post is going to help increase sales from the angle of …… Well read on !

Do you feel that sometimes you over think “Why the heck am I not selling” or even ” what is wrong with me, how come people won’t give me the time and day”

Look the answer is your talking yourself into failure. It’s easy to fall into this trap. Most egotistical sales people will grin at this and turn away and to be honest I’m happy they do because they aren’t worth the text I’m writing ! If you want to get good at closing more sales ! Your not going to master it by hearing the magic words ! Closing more sales requires a perfect, clean clear mind that is filled with energy, confidence and a positive outlook on life and what they want to accomplish !

My door to door mastery program is designed to build the culture within your mind to get you believing in yourself. Not only on this blog do I teach you ways that you can perform better but also I speak of limiting beliefs that hold you back from getting sales through mind tricks you play in yourself.

To share a story, my first summer I was going through a lot of family issues and girl problems. It was every darn day something or someone needed my attention and I felt as thou I had to be everywhere at once. I would knock on doors and get rejected over and over, only to add to the personal problem. Then I would see other people in my office happy closing 5 sales in a day and think to myself , WTF man ! Seriously what is wrong with me ! I’m just not cut for this job !

My best advice to you is this ! If your thinking about things like this and have a lot on your plate ! You have to have a “come to Jesus” moment and say ! I’m done and I’m not going to worry so much. If I fail and become broke and on the street because I never close another sale in my life and no one wants to take me or my family in, then F it ! So be it ! Again think about this ! This is worst case scenario ! I’m not telling you to do this or giving you advise on what you should or shouldn’t do ! All I say is try something new !

Those chains that you tighten around your mind daily , limits the number of sales you close weekly ! There is a direct correlation ! Always remember personality sales ! When you have a charismatic personality and are known to be a persona who is liked and trusted ! Sales will flank to you so long as you stand your ground and put in the time !

Get good. Matter of fact get Fu%king good ! Get angry ! Let your anger out ! Just don’t hurt anyone but go for a walk or run and take your energy anger out by pushing yourself to run further, farther and get stronger ! When you do this your mind starts conditioning itself to know you can handle so much more because you just released that much anger !

Time to close more sales ! Those who say they can’t afford my mastery program for how inexpensive it is are the same ones who sit on the side of the road or in a park while knocking hours are on ! Time to jump in and close more sales selling. Yes I get paid ! If you think I’ve fraught hard enough to earn your business at this point, join today and instantly you will gain access to the program with unlimited streaming and unlimited updates when I put new content.

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