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021: Your Comments Answered | The Right Track Just Need To Tweak Whats Wrong

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  1. Hey Paul, was curious if you have sold cable before, what do you feel about selling DirecTV? Our company is trying to obtain higher quality customers and I’m a little stumped. I’m so used to going to sub par neighborhoods and need to start training my team to sell in nicer neighborhoods so we can actually get our bonuses.

    • Yes i did it for a short period of time. I did OK with it, i found i wasn’t passion about it because i simply barely watch TV, i only use it for watching sports mainly hockey. But what i did was i looked for clients that were not so happy with what they currently had, i showed them how my company could better their lives and push for the sale. More HD channels, a lower monthly bill perhaps, FREE installation to try us out, A better rate with their previous company if after our 6 month guarantee they didn’t like us , or contract …. etc things of this nature. The key is you have to be dynamic and really “get in there” and sales will come. Get them to like and love YOU ! This takes personality.

      • Thank you so much Paul, I definitley am going to amp up my personality and show more enthusiasm at the door!

        • Pay attention to the increase in check size by doing this daily. Really. More you put at the doors and push through you should see an increase in sales. Ask if you have questions that’s what I’m here for

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