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The Pain of Getting Rejected | At the Doors and In a Relationship

I want to start off by thanking David M. for joining my Masterd2d.com program! I am Paul Shakuri here and thanks to all of you who are joining me on my blog. Today I want to help you take your door knocking ability to that next level. Making more money selling door to door. No matter what it is you want to do, selling door to door, cold calling or gaining new customers I am here to help! The process you’re going through when selling door to door can be exhausting! Today we are going to talk about the pain of getting rejected at the doors!

I want to share with you that I got rejected at about a 90% average on a stock this week. How many of you are starting off the same way at door knocking, starting off on a losing streak? It’s a battle, however, what I do know is that once you master something such as door to door sales you can master anything you put your mind too. But I want you to evaluate what you are selling door to door. Is what you are selling door to door worth the battle? Are you selling low-end merchandise that barely covers meals for your family or are you selling a home security system, pest control and so on? Now, I am not a lazy person where I do not study and do my homework! No, I am the opposite! I am constantly researching and updating my knowledge on the profession of marketing and door to door sales. There are a rejection and feeling of failure that will come about if you do not engulf yourself around what it is you want to master!

When I started door knocking the top salespeople were the ones raking in the sales. They were doing something that I wasn’t. So, I know the battle you went through and are going through. I am still going through it with day training while building my online business. It is a blessing for me to hear from all of you who comment and leave positive feedback and stories of personal development on the material I provide for you. The support I received by you joining my program encourages me to work harder and to provide you all with more information to succeed in your daily lives and in your professions. I always teach this, if you want to speed up your knowledge you have to follow someone else’s model and example and you will get there quicker then they did. The people that I shadowed at the doors sparked up a surprise in me. I could not believe that their techniques worked. I could not believe how simple it looked but was so difficult for me to achieve! Sound familiar? Well, what are you going to do about it?
Think about if you are with a significant other or in a relationship right now. Think about if you were able to get every single guy or girl to be in a relationship with you? How do you communicate with them? Do they even like you? So many factors will contribute on if you will get a spouse or not! I had an interview with a potential employee who wanted the job because he wanted to get a significant other, he wanted money to go to a seminar to learn how to get a significant other! Yes, believe it or not! Folks! It is not that difficult to get a significant other! Females want someone who is successful,
who is compassionate, who is not average like the typical male who uses the typical pickup line. Sound familiar? Door knockers, do you find yourself using the same line over at the doors to try and get that sale? Of course, I do not mean the line you use to pick up a guy or a girl! But the typical salesperson line to try and get a customer to buy your product!

If you are not getting the results you want, it is because of your mindset! The limitations you have set on your beliefs! Those fixed beliefs determine the outcome of your success! If someone mastered something and it seems ridiculous to you because it was simple then make sure to ask yourself if you are following those strategies and techniques. Ask yourself, are you following my tips and strategies for door to door selling? Have you signed up for my free video series? Have you invested in my Masterd2d.com program? Well, if you haven’t, you should really reconsider and invest! You see, the way we are wired as humans is not of our fault entirely. We are wired in ways that are inexplicable depending on the person and the situation. On the other hand, if you study all who have become wealthy, they have taken risks, made tough decisions and sacrificed time and researched the tools and strategies to become successful. If you are not willing to give the time, the effort to better yourself personally, mentally and spiritually then you will not succeed. You will just end up hurting yourself by not bettering yourself. You will become emotionally hurt when you put negative anger towards door knocking.

There are five reasons why you may have gotten a sale today. I want to go over them for you on this blog because they make a lot of sense to me.

  1. You understand and know the process of getting a sale! This includes calling secretary, writing the paperwork, scheduling the technician.
  2. You had the mindset, the thought of getting the job done. Of actually going out on turf to get the job done!
  3. You pushed through! You drove yourself to reach your highest potential to get that sale no matter the amount of rejection or what situation you were in!
  4. You did not quit!
  5. You have to understand why people say not interested! Ask yourself if they really don’t have the money? Or, is it just an excuse?

Many of you are unsuccessful because you do not follow my tips and strategies but you can be successful if you follow my programs. I want you to listen and learn with what I am doing right so you can take it and use it to your advantage. You need to understand the process is as simple as engulfing yourself with the actual wealth of knowledge. I want to share a question from Kevin. He says “Hi Paul, I am from Boston and have been in sales for three years. Door to door sales has been a new venture within the past eight to nine months. I sell Comcast in Verizon neighborhoods and am having some difficulty at the door. I watched your video the opener pitch and it has been very eye opening. I will try the tips this afternoon when I get to turf, if you have any tips for me please forward them to me. I do not want to sound staged”

Kevin, if you are beginner do not sell two products. If you are a business owner, focus on one product and you will succeed. Focusing on one product and one product only shows your commitment. If I see someone who has many products in the market then I can just go straight to the source and get it for a cheaper price. Ask your customers questions if they reject you. “What part of my service did you not like?” Write it down. Find out your competitors’ benefits and features and educate your customers on your products benefits and features. Never lie, never cheat and never steal from your customers. You need to familiarize yourself with the process and get as much experience knocking on doors so you can get comfortable. Keep the questions coming and Kevin good luck and keep me posted on your endeavors.

Remember to knock with passion and to remember that “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas Edison

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